Timenauts Gameplay IOS / Android


Timenauts Gameplay IOS / Android

Timenauts by DeNA Corp. (IOS/Android)
Welcome to the hilariously addictive, real-time tower assault adventure, Timenauts! It’s sure to be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Step into the arena with your squad of Timenauts and prepare to clash against enemies from the past, present and future.

In order to reign supreme, you must protect your Vessel and lead your team of Timenauts to destroy your opponent in PvP. The Vessel you take into battle can provide you with a strategic advantage, as each one possesses rare and powerful abilities. While your Timenauts must be grouped, upgraded, and commanded with precision – one right or wrong decision will lead to a definitive victory or certain defeat.

Blend together the perfect combination of Vessel and Timenauts to create an unstoppable force in the arena. Your winning ways will not only bring you bragging rights but coveted items and upgrades.

Timenauts delivers an exciting real-time strategy experience that explodes with addictive-fun, iconic characters, and diverse levels, with competitive PvP action that will keep you coming back for more.

Devise your battle plan, assemble your Timenauts, and enlist your most powerful vessel. The arena is waiting for its next champion!

Key Features:

● Collect and Upgrade Timenauts – Unlock hilariously awesome characters and amass a formidable squad that can be upgraded to an unbeatable force.

● Unleash Time Vessel Powers – Choose and upgrade vessels wisely. Their special abilities have the power to turn the tide of battle in your favor at the press of a button!

● Rise to the Top – Take part in exciting PvP battles against friends and foes from around the globe.

● Connect with Friends – Play with your comrades to receive rare rewards.


App Store: TBA
Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dena.west.rd2

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