Thief: Tiny Clash Gameplay (Android)


Thief: Tiny Clash Gameplay

Thief: Tiny Clash by Ryder Global

The world is again in danger. This time it can be destroyed not by a comet or asteroid. This time everything is much more serious. People’s greediness and cunning destroy it from the inside. A lot of heroes, who rebelled against this reality, have died. The reality swallowed everyone except our Thief. He is like modern Robin Hood. Thief robs the rich and selfish villains and gives everything to the poor. His brave heart and clever mind help him in any situation. It was so until now. At present our young hero encounters a completely new type of evil and only you can help him to cope with it.

An original plot and marvelous graphics will fully captivate your attention. 3 full-of-surprise facilities and 30 mazy levels make the battlefield of good and evil. On his way Thief meets a lot of such villains as Miser, Miser’s Nephew, Guard, and even Evil Dog. Justice must be done and all of them must be punished for their evil deeds. Your main task is to outwit your opponents and make your way without being noticed. Even if you were seen by some of their servants, don’t panic – you have the secret weapons that are somniferous tranquillizer and/or teleport.
Thief never gives up and is always ready to accept a battle. Are you?

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