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World of Demons Gameplay Android / iOS (by DeNA)


World of Demons (Action RPG)

World of Demons (Action RPG) by DeNA Corp. (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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World of Demons is a high-quality hack-and-slash action RPG featuring combat with a flow and interactivity that exceeds anything else in the category. Players will experience intense sword-based combat in single-and multi-player game modes as they fight to liberate ancient Japan from demonic hordes.

World of Demons takes place in a fantastic interpretation of medieval Japan in which Oni (demons) have taken over the human world. The previously docile Yokai (monsters from Japanese folklore) have been corrupted by the Oni and have begin attacking humans as well. Only the brave Samurai dare to stand up to the threat of the Oni…

FANTASICA: Bloodlines Gameplay Android / iOS


FANTASICA: Bloodlines

FANTASICA: Bloodlines by DeNA Corp. (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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The world of Fantasica is back and better than ever in FANTASICA: Bloodlines, the highly anticipated spin-off of the original game. Dive into a fascinating world of magic and mystery in this card-collecting, role-playing adventure. Recruit legendary heroes with a vast array of unique abilities and form parties to engage the enemy in real-time battles. With heaps of weapons and customization options combined with an in-depth story and a memorable cast of characters, FANTASICA: Bloodlines offers a deeply rewarding RPG experience sure to enchant both fans and newcomers alike.

DUELS X MACHINA Gameplay iOS / Android



DUELS X MACHINA by DeNA Co., Ltd. (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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A new take on the digital TCG genre! Experience electrifying card duels in this epic Battlefield TCG. Summon gods and other characters from ancient legends and claim victory over your opponents!
The prophecy tells of the outlander summoned to Dynamis to defeat the Chaos. Now, as the Chaos rises to power once more, Machina has summoned you. Form Covenants with divine characters such as Athena, Susanoo, and Loki and uncover the mystery of the darkness that threatens to claim Dynamis!
Here, your duels will become legends.

Bounty Stars Gameplay iOS / Android


Bounty Stars

Bounty Stars by DeNA Corp (iOS/Android)
Explore the depths of the galaxy’s colorful underbelly and join a comical world of scheming bounty hunters in this action-packed Adventure RPG – where no hunt is ever the same!
Assume the role of a rookie bounty hunter where you must assemble a roguish crew and a fleet of deadly starships to capture the galaxy’s most notorious criminals. Blast, charm, and cheat your way through the farthest corners of the galaxy to gain valuable intelligence and track down the baddest of the bad.

Legend Borne Gameplay IOS / Android


Legend Borne

Legend Borne by DeNA Co., Ltd. (IOS/Android)
“Legend Borne is ready to take the world by storm.”

In a world torn with strife, the noble Kingdom of Light battles the sinister Realm of Darkness for dominion over the world of Mora. However, true power is borne with the LEGENDS – ancient beings whose godly powers will shape the fate of Mora.

Transformers Frontiers (HK) Gameplay IOS / Android


Transformers Frontiers (HK) Gameplay IOS / Android

變形金剛:前線 by DeNA (IOS/Android)

Timenauts Gameplay IOS / Android


Timenauts Gameplay IOS / Android

Timenauts by DeNA Corp. (IOS/Android)
Welcome to the hilariously addictive, real-time tower assault adventure, Timenauts! It’s sure to be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Step into the arena with your squad of Timenauts and prepare to clash against enemies from the past, present and future.