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God Fate Android Gameplay (RU)


God Fate:Лига богинь

God Fate:Лига богинь by 4399 NET LIMITED (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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“God Fate: League goddesses” – a first-class role-playing game of mythical gods. League goddesses invites you to fight with them. High-quality graphics, beautiful goddess, competition without privileges, honest competition. Join the game!

Hello Lucia MMORPG Gameplay (KR) Android / iOS



헬로루시아(HelloLucia) by 4399 KOREA (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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없는 거 빼고 다 있는 본격 썸 타는 RPG
헬로! 루시아 (Hello LUCIA)

이계침공 백 년 후 종말 했다고 믿었던 이교도들이 다시 악령을 불러 모으며 나타났지만, 인류는 대륙통일이라는 명목 아래에 전쟁에 광기의 휩쓸렸고 전란을 멈추지 않았다.
각 도시 국가는 제멋대로 행동했고, 빈부는 불평등하였으며, 충돌이 끊이지 않았기에
대륙은 내외부적으로 총체적 난국에 처했다.
전란의 시대에 태어난 주인공은 엄습해 오는 이교도들의 침공에 대항했다. 인류의 일원으로 각 도시 국가를 설득하여 저항 세력을 모았고 그렇게 이계의 악령들과 이교도들을 물리쳤고
결국 대륙의 평화를 유지하게 된다.

Saga Go Gameplay Android / iOS (CBT)


Saga Go

Saga Go by 4399enGame (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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Anime ARPG — Saga Go now scrolls your device and brings you the action-packed fighting experience!
At the doom of the world, darkness covers the mainland and monsters are destroying everything in world. You are The Chosen One. Great combat abilities and more than 30 adorable pets enable you to defeat the Demon King. Take your sword and mow down the beasts!
1.Vivid HD Anime Side-Scroller
Colorful, vivid HD graphics and explosive skill effects. Hundreds of hours of fun await as you battle your way through an incredible adventure.
2.Brilliant combos combination
Each career has it own ranged, melee or magic skills. Different combination will activate different effect and DMG buff!
3.Cute pets are on your command!
Over 30 kind of pets and 20 mounts are in Saga Go! Evolve pets or mounts into mega forms, you will get extra battle power. With pets in battle, you can even use pet skill. They are your battle partners!

Crasher English Gameplay iOS / Android



Crasher by 4399enGame (iOS/Android)
*Korean Top New Game Crasher is about to release for English version! *
Don’t miss out the chance to be the FIRST TO PLAY!
1. Most grand map!
Experience the vast map with multiple players on the same screen! Up to 17 maps to be explored, Dawn City, Lost City, Hawburg, Snow Field…You will never run out of curiosity!

Crasher Legend (KR) Gameplay iOS / Android


크래셔 레전드 for Kakao

크래셔 레전드 for Kakao by 4399 KOREA (iOS/Android)
크래셔 레전드(Crasher Legend) for Kakao
5월 10일 그랜드 오픈!!!
★★게임 소개★★
크래셔 레전드(Crasher Legend) for Kakao는 full 3D 판타지 액션 MMORPG 게임입니다!
북유럽 신화를 기반으로 한 신, 인류, 마족들 간의 전쟁 스토리의 세계관을 갖고 있으며,
MMORPG의 광활함을 모바일에서 그대로 느낄 수 있는 게임이다.

Sword Soul OL Gameplay iOS / Android


SwordSoul OL(EN)

SwordSoul OL(EN) by 4399enGame (iOS/Android)
Traditional ARPG with Martial Arts, SwordSoul OL will provide you most thrilling game experience.
In the world of SwordSoul OL, you are a super hero talented in martial arts and born with the power to summon magic mounts. While darkness is enveloping this magic land, you are the only hope to save it from destruction!