Slide Dungeons Gameplay (IOS/Android)


Slide Dungeons Gameplay

Slide Dungeons by openplay

* Play Guide * Please READ!!
@ This game contains some Rogue-like RPG rules. @
1. Hero starts always Level 1.
2. Purchased items from shop will be destroyed when Hero came out from Dungeons.
3. Get 3 Treasures from each dungeon for clear.
4. Each treasure upgrades Hero’s abilities permanently.
5. Deal the boss when Hero’s HP is full, or pass and get more level.

* Story *
The princess was kidnapped by ‘Evil King’!
And that evil changed the world as slide puzzle due to make the hard way for rescue the princess.
Now you will be a Hero and get into ‘puzzled’ dungeons. Get treasures from the bosses and power Hero up. And finally, rescue the princess!
* Features *
– Based on Rogue-like RPG.
– Slide Puzzle + RPG.
– Simple control : just click blocks.
– Simple progress but need ‘Strategy’.
– Strengthen hero treasure items.
– Retro 8-bit beautiful bitmap graphics.
– Each monsters with unique weak points. (Magic)
– Collect Monster cards after get treasures, and their weak points.

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