Skyland Clash Gameplay IOS / Android


Skyland Clash Gameplay IOS / Android

Skyland Clash by Rekoogames (IOS/Android)
A Turn-based Tactical RPG. Yes, we are talking about strategies! Now you’ve joined the team of warriors who are going to slay the dragon! Your village will be built on a floating island. Heroes will be waiting for your command! The peace of human kind is in your hands! Only with wisdom and courage shall the dragon be slain! Join the Skyland Clash now to protect the world from the evil dragon! What are your orders, Chief!

Various Heroes. This is a game of team play! Whether you are controlling the whole team or you are in a team with other players, you’ll need some hero to fit in the role! And in Skyland Clash, you have easy access to every kind of hero. And each of them takes an important part of a TEAM. No matter what kind of heroes you like, we have them all! As your level goes up, you will need more heroes in your party! But don’t worry! They are just waiting for you in your tavern.

City Building. You are playing a game in your device, but your heroes are living a life in this world. Can’t call it a life if you don’t even have a place to live! Build your village on a floating island where your heroes will have their life started! Different buildings have different functions for them! Crystal mine, training filed, tavern, rune stones…Unlock them and build them to start your life in the Skyland!

Equipment System. In Skyland Clash, your heroes wear the equipment you forged! It’s hard to find 2 same pieces of equipment! There is a chance that you can get equipment from instance. But they are never good! Gather all kinds of materials by defeating enemies and hand them to your blacksmith so that he can forge you some equipment. Well, don’t forget to put some luck in it! Feeling lucky today? Go forge a weapon! If you are lucky enough, epic equipment is waiting for you!

Build up heroes. There are so many ways you can make your heroes stronger in Skyland Clash! You don’t have to care too much about your heroes’ level anymore! How strong your heroes are is not determined by their level. In Skyland Clash, you have many ways to enhance your power. Promoting heroes, runes, magic orbs, potions… If you’ve covered every one of them, you are no doubt stronger than anybody else!
PVP model. When you think you’ve gathered enough power, it is time for you to show your prowess to other players. Challenge stronger players with your strategy! Have a friendly match with your friends! Or you can just make your name in the Versus and enjoy on-line real time PVP! You are never alone in this game!
Facebook integration. Share your victory with your friend, invite them to join the adventure!


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