Presto Fantasy Gameplay IOS / Android


Presto Fantasy Gameplay IOS / Android

Presto Fantasy by Sayhong (IOS/Android)
《The Presto Fantasy》is a real time battle RPG mobile game. The game combined fantastic story and Japanese comic style, it emphasizes the original story and its specialty of “free character development”. There are more than 50 characters with various powerful skills, that makes battles with more variety and strategy.
Many characters x Free development x Real time battle x Combo Hits x Boss&Treasure x PvP x Awesome game screen


(1). Real time battle system:

The game battles are auto-fighting mode, it doesn’t mean that you will just only sit and wait for the end of battles. To trigger high-level skills, you, in compact battles, will need to consider about the features of characters, remained HP and MP, and to display special skills or to change characters in the battle.。In《The Presto Fantasy》, every single battle will be a fast war of attrition.

(2). BC system:

The system will speed up game tempo along with the battle: when you are in an advantageous position, abilities of all your characters will be increased, and vise versa. The enemies will sometimes display some special skills while BC changed.

(3). Combo skill system:

“The best is yet to come” is the central dogma of the system.

In《The Presto Fantasy》, it is needed to realize the “Combo value” of each character. It is essential to let characters with low Combo values to display their skills then the one with higher Combo values. It is freely to make your own choice: to have many characters with different combo points to get a higher Combo value, ignore the high-level skills, or only consider the features of high level characters to fight.

(4). free character development:

Though there is a Combo system in the game, it doesn’t mean that characters with low Combo value is completely useless. In《The Presto Fantasy》, characters with low Combo value are not only the corner stone to trigger high-level skills, there are many strengthen props in the game to let you develop the characters at will just like distributing value points. It’s all up to you to develop a character with fast skill displaying while consuming little Combo points, or to develop a character with great features but with a complex skill displaying manner and consumes much Combo points.


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