Legend online – Pocket Edition Gameplay IOS / Android


Legend online - Pocket Edition Gameplay IOS / Android

Legend online – Pocket Edition by Oasis Games Limted
Gallant warriors: the Priestess is awaiting your help!
Legend Online is a mobile CCG and MMO game offering you a most pleasant and fulfilling experience of collecting cards, customizing your deck and combating in dungeons or against other real players (pk or pvp duel). More than 200 cards of various types and levels are to be found, crafted and possessed and your deck will grow and improve with you! Rare cards may cost you some time and effort, but they are awesomely powerful and worth the effort! A good collection and combination of cards will make combat easier. What’s more, it will exhibit your achievements. Your good taste and impress your friends! Once you have deployed your cards in formation, the combat is completely automatic! What you need to do is hold your phone or pad on your palm, watch the battle and then harvest your piles of treasure, experience and fulfillment!

In this world of Middle Age fantasy, you will rise to hero status to help the Priestess restore peace and prosperity for the human world. A world of fantastic adventure awaits you! Prove your gallantry, show off your strategy and save the world!
Legend Online inherits the world setting, characters and plot from a famous browser masterpiece which has achieved great success in many countries, especially in Turkey: Legend Online. The browser version of Legend Online attracted a total of 10 million players all over the world and was rated by Facebook as a Top 25 globally popular game.
Here is a list of our exciting gameplay features:
++ Atmosphere of fantasy and legend throughout the game: choose one of the three unique classes to start your adventure: WARRIOR (strong and courageous), ARCHER (agile and precise) and WIZARD (intelligent and creative). Every class has their unique characteristics and skills so choose wisely for the class that suits you best!
++ Insanely fun and thrilling PvP: Prepare your cards and impress everyone on our exclusive PVP ARENA. Throw down the gauntlet and let the DUEL begin!
++ A combination of CCG, RPG and MMO – you can find all kinds of gaming elements to choose from: collecting cards as in a CCG, playing the role of a hero in the single player environment and tons of players online at the same time as in a MMO. Whichever game type is your favorite, we know you will love this game!
++ A balance between hardcore combat and relaxing gaming: spectacular fighting visuals combined with hands-free automatic control!
++ Collection and management combined with tact and strategy: collection of cards and clearing of higher stages give you a long-term goal that will provide fulfillment to you from time to time; a victory by a narrow margin will make you proud of your minor yet consequential adjustments of your battle formations. It will make you feel like it was time well spent and we are certain that Legend Online will become your first and long-time choice to kill the time!
++ Feel lonely and helpless in the face of hordes of daunting monsters? Get reinforcements immediately from one of your friends’ deck and wipe your enemies out with a powerful card that you have long desired! Maybe one day you will return the favor and be the hero to your friends!
5/5 “Sensational Game” – Gui Jorge
5/5 “Very good, no lag at all” – Erick Mateus
Don’t hesitate and download it right away! Invite your friends to join you and have more fun! Gallant warriors, be the hero to the Priestess and save the world!


iTunes Store: https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/legend-online/id669023171?ls=1&mt=8
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.oasgames.loen3

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