Hero Force: Origins Gameplay IOS / Android


Hero Force: Origins Gameplay IOS / Android

Hero Force : Origins by NGames

Hero Force: Origins is a fantasy mobile RPG set in Medieval Europe, which integrates wars, strategies, and city development.
Refreshing new content bring players to a magical world full of wonder. In the game, players have to build and develop their city to protect themselves against the enemy’s attack. Raid and loot others to gain more resources. Place troops carefully to resist invasion.
★★★Permanent Free★★★

***About Hero Force: Origins***
★Set in medieval Europe, an era of heroes and magic, everyone can be a mighty lord! Team up with your friends, seize resources and vie for the throne!
★Heroes from different races have gathered, they will relive the Norse Mythology! Simply tap the screen to control your hero and release unique skills.
★You can develop your own kingdom by building the main city, barracks, fortresses, gold mine and crystal mine…You are the king!
★10 heroes, 10 units, 5 kinds of traps and defense towers are interrelated. Upgraded them to get more fun!
★Enhance, upgrade and evolve your hero, forge exclusive gear to build a legend. Use Talent skills to spice up combat.
★Over 200 challenges in main story plots and instances. Loot resources, intriguing PVE and PVP battles, fight for your heart’s desire!
If you encounter any bugs in the game, please describe them in detail. As always, we will continue to make quality improvements in the future.
Please enjoy yourself in Hero Force: Origins and also take adequate rest.

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