Frontline: The Longest Day Gameplay (IOS/Android)


Frontline: The Longest Day by Slitherine

June 6th, 1944. D-Day is the Allied operation that launched the successful liberation of German-occupied Western Europe during World War II.

In Frontline: The Longest Day, players command the Allied forces through some of the most famous battles of the war, freeing Europe from the hands of the German Army. The game takes place over five massive, engaging and challenging missions, all inspired by historical missions which took place during operation Overlord: Utah, Omaha, Gold, Cherbourg, Sword & Juno.
Players are faced with tough decisions and will have to think through the options to take advantage of terrain, use their combat techniques wisely and make sure they leverage the special ability of each unit to overcome the enemy and get Europe back in safe hands.

– Land, and aerial combat: all units have strengths and weaknesses encouraging different uses, adding an extra strategic layer to the game. There are over 80 of them!
– Units will upgrade throughout the game, based on combat success and experience. This will prove to be an extremely powerful tool to progress in the game providing the players with a personalized army depending on their style of play.
– Complex combat mechanics and special abilities for all units such as: Flanking manoeuvres, encirclements, suppression, combat fatigue, penetration, deflection, removing landmines, artillery support, airstrikes, transport, sandbags, march, APCR ammunition, incendiary grenades, smoke grenades, artillery barrages, reinforce & resupply.
– Maps are created to reflect the real terrain and their dramatic impact on the historical situation.
– A unique visual style using detailed and realistic units representations.
– More than 400 Game-Play Turns!

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