Empire Conquest Gameplay IOS / Android


Empire Conquest Gameplay IOS / Android

Empire Conquest by Mountain Lion (IOS/Android)
Are you ready for an all-new tower defense adventure? Empire Conquest let’s you defend your castle from evil barbarian invaders. Recruit brave knights, archers and swordsmen to help you break the evil enemy waves. Upgrade their skills and abilities to increase your combat power. Complete fun missions and exciting quests. Battle in the arena and conquer the enemy. Become a hero in Empire Conquest!
Fight the enemy and defend your castle through 6 chapters and 90 levels. Select ‘Hard’ or ‘Hell’ mode to see if you have the defence strategy to protect your tower. Stop the barbarian rush by deploying your knights, archers and swordsmen tactically.

Use a wide variety of spells to your advantage on the battlefield. Think one step ahead of your opponent and you’ll not only defend your empire, but start to conquer theirs!

Upgrade your troops to better repel the evil barbarian invaders. Challenge yourself against the in arena combat and test your knights against the best in the world. Stop the conquest of your empire and accept exciting quests and fun missions that can earn fantastic rewards.

Frank Lavery – “I love games where you use heroes to protect a tower. This is one of the best. The graphics are cool, cartoon is my style.”
Sandeep Gupta – “Level up your castle and troops as much as you can. I like challenging games like this. I love playing them when I have a break at work.”
Erica Garcia – “E Conquest is my kind of game. The strategy really makes you think, but it’s fun and colourful. Other strategy games are too much. I just want to have fun and play!”

Features Overview
-Epic tower defense battles!
-Recruit and upgrade knights, archers, swordsmen and many other exciting units including dragons, ballistae and war chariots.
-6 exciting chapters with 90 stages!
-Use amazing spells to your advantage!
-Defend your empire from evil barbarian invaders by upgrading your tower and your abilities.
-Use cunning tactics and strategy to protect your empire.
-Survive the single-player siege and challenge other players in the arena.
-Take part in exciting quests and challenging missions. Face bosses in amazing combat.
-Wonderfully colorful cartoon graphics that have been optimized for Android phones and tablets.
-Exchange gift codes with your friends to help them in their defense.
-Come and join the fun and keep the evil barbarian invaders at bay!

Brave Heroes
Recruit and upgrade the finest warriors in the land. Knights, archers, swordsmen, dragons, samurai, musketeers and more! Build mighty catapults, war chariots and ballistae to smash the enemy!

Mighty Castles
The castle is the heart of your defense and you need to keep it upgraded and in good condition to progress. Keep upgrading your stronghold and you will soon be one of the most powerful lords in the realm.

Colorful Graphics
Enjoy a colourful, cartoon world with crisp graphics smooth animations.

Fantastic Spells
Use the power of magic in your strategy. Let fire rain down from the sky or stop the enemy invaders dead in their tracks. Spells can be cast using diamonds, so always keep your diamond mine at the highest level.

Arena Mode
Take the excitement of battle to an all new level in Arena combat. Select your best troop formation and go head to head with other heroes.

Exciting Quests and Missions
Become the hero and embark on daily quests and missions to earn diamonds and gold coins. These treasures can be used to level up your troops and your fortification.

Join the fun and start your conquest today!


App Store: TBA
Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.feelingtouch.econquer

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