Crasher: The God of Battle (KR) Gameplay IOS / Android


크래셔:전투의 신

크래셔:전투의 신 by 4399 KOREA (IOS/Android)
“Crasher: the god of battle” is a full 3D fantasy action MMORPG game!
Han Shin is based on Norse mythology, humanity, and has a world of war stories between the Elyos,
Gwanghwalham of the MMORPG is a game where you can feel literally on your mobile.

★ Game Story
War of the Gods have left a large wound to both races.
The devil was committed to restoring power while seclusion, God and humans are determined to build a new world in the southern region.

Doeja reconstruction of the New World is complete, the gods, leaving the earth peace to men of their protection was, and decided to leave.
The gods began to build a completely new sinyeok unable to mankind beomjeop,
While satisfied with their place of living, it did not show God’s miracles.

Over time, mankind has prospered quickly. However, the forces of darkness that haunts are coming from the east gathered again,
“Legions of Iron,” are called called party. Whole continent by them are embroiled in this mess.
The wicked gods also feel a threat to their power, she decides to find once again a legend in the “Ein Le Juno.”

★ Game Features
Powerful strikes can feel a sense of the essence of the RPG game!
– PVP system to stimulate the user hoseungsim of men!
– Early field system to be prehistoric hunting and laid a strong impact!
– Full 3D graphics that boasts the best quality!

★ About content
– Under the Mining user base and intense competition begin!
– 4 different charging modes PVP! This gap can not get bored battle through a variety of PVP mode!
– Possible participation by level PVE mode everyone! Various equipment and items acquired through Raid Boss!
– Activate and maximize community! Inter-guild cooperative induction! Guild rare items obtainable in the shops!

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