War of Gods : Rebirth Gameplay IOS / Android

May 6, 2015

War of Gods : Rebirth Gameplay IOS / Android

War of Gods : Rebirth by Gen C Inspire Corporation Co., Ltd.
《 War Of Gods : Rebirth 》 Once upon a time ~ In the era war of Human, Gods and Demons …souls of six elemental have been used to be weapon for war (Earth, Water, Thunder, Fire, Light and Darkness) when time passed by, elemental soul have lost their power and spread away. Without them, this world start to break down. It’s time for heroes rise to protect their fate by searching and collecting for 6 elemental souls crystal to reborn this world called “Rebirth of the world”
Free download and Free to play!! Classic card game combine with RPG style. You will be one of heroes who searching for elemental soul (Soul Crystal) Team up with many legendary characters to fight with Legendary Demon!!! or even with Legendary Gods!!! Enjoy developing and upgrading your heroes to achieve the goal.

【 Game Highlights 】
★ Many versatility and beautiful heroes for you to collect to your team
★ Challenging Dungeon Mode : searching for Soul Crystal, use your characters to fight with all those Legendary Demon and Fallen Gods!!
★ Elemental Attack : divided all attributes into 6 elementals (Earth, Water, Thunder, Fire, Light and Darkness) make your attack and defend more stronger than ever!!
★ Soul Burst; different ultimate skill for each characters. when your SP gauge is fulled, burst out your enemies with these power!!
★ Rental Leader : searching or cooperate with your friends to create new strategies to defeat your enemies. rent your friends hero to use as you want (3 times / day / 1 Leader)
★ Upgrade and Evolution : leveling and upgrading system for your characters by using soul to upgrade your character rank to get higher Status and Skill!!
★ PVP Arena : challenge with other player to rank how strong your team are. rank yourself up to get many rewards!!
★ Event; many event every such as Daily Reward, Weekly Reward, Daily dungeon



iTunes Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/war-of-gods-rebirth/id925240426?mt=8
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.genc.wog

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