Thumb Empires Gameplay IOS / Android

June 17, 2015

Thumb Empires Gameplay IOS / Android

Thumb Empires by en game (IOS/Android)
Thumb Empires is a new mobile strategy game. Raise your troops of formidable units and fight the bandits with unbreakable formation, liberate other turf and get the extra Gold and Mana. Survival is just the begining! Challenge and be the king of the world!
Wanna conquer the Abssy Fort with your allies? Wanna defeat other warbands and become the best defense? Download this game,you will never be disappointed.
PLEASE NOTE! Thumb Empires is free to download and play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you do not want to use this feature, please set up password protection for purchases in the settings of your Google Play Store app.

【Key Features】
1. 20 Different Units — Each unit has its typical character and skill, which will encourage you to change the formation in million battles. The library can even upgrade the units. Remember! There isn’t the best unit, only the best formation!
2. 7 types of defenses– Flexible using the defenses can protect your home well. The unique and powerful defense – Camp. Putting soldiers there can protect your home when you are offline.
3. Turf war — Everyone can kick your neighbors’ ass without automatic matching. In your Turf, you have the total freedom to attack players around you and loot their resources.
4. Colonization system — You can enslave others and loot their resources. By defeating other players in the games, you can make them into your slaves and collect their resources in your colonization.
5. Best Defenses: Against the Bandits — The more bandits you defeat, the higher ranking you will get in the Best Defenses, and thus the more rewards you will gain!
6. Best Attacker – You may choose to conquer the various dungeons found in Thumb Empires. The more dungeons successfully passed, the higher the rank on the Best Attacker chart.
7. Interactive System – Interactive System is prosperous, where you can not only build up friendship but also defensive towers between each other. Free gems can be gained through gifts from friends.
8. Gem Factory: FREE Gems – You can build a Gem factory to produce gem as long as you reached Level.5. With using this factory, you can produce and collect the gems daily.
9. Recover your alive units – Whenever you achieve 3 stars in your battle, you can retrieve all your alive units back to save resource and time.



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