Taisen! Bomberman (JP) (by KONAMI) Gameplay IOS / Android

January 31, 2016


対戦!ボンバーマン by KONAMI (IOS/Android)
«Dokan four people! »
appeared Bomberman to play in the “online play”!
With friends, and family, and the rivals of the country and enjoy the Bomber Battle!

«Online battle»
and rivals across the country, Gekiatsu four people play!
On the basis of their skill, because the opponent is automatically determined, you can enjoy the incandescent play against as much of the strength of the rival.
※ “Communication with the other party,” “personal disclosure of information” and do not need. Enjoy the match with confidence.

«Single Battle»
one for the mode that all 100 stage has been recorded.
If you defeat the Bonkyara that appeared as formidable enemy, you can also fight using that Bonkyara!
To practice slowly and carefully, let’s polish the arm of the battle!


«Friend Battle»
If you want to play against a fixed opponent, this is mode.
In there was between members taught room code, you can play against up to four people maximum.

«Nico students correspondence! »
soon the corresponding plan to smile live broadcast. You can commentary delivered in real time you play.
The Gekiatsu battle, nationwide with play-by-play delivery, Aim to popular live Lord!
※ niconico account is required. (It is OK even if not a premium member)
※ In some terminal there is a case of non-correspondence.

«The” Bomberman “»
It is a lot of party battle game that our customers has been popular for many years.
The battle with the bomb by operating the hero (Bomberman), it wins if Defeat all rivals.
Despite its anyone enjoy a simple game, in the back of deep strategic, you can enjoy a wide range of you from children to adults.
about play environment
—————– ————-
online battle and in the Friend Battle, always so it will cause communication with the server, enjoy in a location with good communication environment. (We recommend the play with Wi-Fi environment.)
If communication with the server is interrupted, or cause inconvenience to the game progress and display, because it may save data may be damaged, please note.
Measures such as the save data recovery will not do so, please understand.
(Translated by Google)


App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/dui-zhan!bonbaman/id1037925333?mt=8
Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.konami.vsbomber

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