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Clash of Kingdoms 3D Gameplay iOS / Android

June 12, 2016

Clash of Kingdoms

Clash of Kingdoms by vstargame moblie game (iOS/Android)
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If you go back to the time of three kingdoms, can you conquer the world and be the supreme emperor? Come and challenge yourself in Clash of Kingdoms! In Clash of Kingdoms, heroes are connected to each other. Using this connection, they’ll be more powerful. Plus, every hero is humorous and will never bore you. You can also enjoy the free combination of different heroes, diverse gear systems, originally developed stage mode and etc. When you make it, you can feel the satisfaction and achievement of unifying the world. My Lord, the preparation is done. We’re waiting for you!

League of Defenders Gameplay iOS / Android

May 9, 2016

League of Defenders

League of Defenders by VstarGames (iOS/Android)
is a 3D Fantasy ARPG with cute cartoon characters. Based on a western fantasy story, it tells about how Defenders protect Bright Mainland against the evil. Developed by the world’s top studio and team, its fancy graphics quality give players a large-scale PC game experience and immerse them into a real battle.
Exquisite game scenes, flexible role movement, accurate scene control, real-time fighting experience! What’s more, you can enjoy various gameplays, such as real-time Top Duel with cross-server players, freely team up in Team Instance and so on.

Immortal Sword Gameplay iOS / Android

April 18, 2016

Immortal Sword

Immortal Sword by Vstargame (iOS/Android)
This is the world’s biggest MMORPG in the theme of self-cultivation to seek immortality! Thousands of players play on the same screen. A brand new era for real-time fighting mobile games has come!

War of Wonderland Gameplay iOS / Android

March 29, 2016

War of Wonderland

War of Wonderland by VstarGame (iOS/Android)
Cute, fantasy RPG battles! Our wonderland is no longer peaceful because demons are planning to invade and the war horn is blowing. Dear knight, we need you! Protect this fairyland together with other heroes!
[Free 3D Fighting]
Dazzling skill effect and free skill combinations help you win.
Unknown dangers are everywhere—enemies may ambush you. Open the war mode and suppress them!

Lords of War Gameplay IOS / Android

March 13, 2016

Lords of War - Royale melee

Lords of War – Royale melee by mobvista game (IOS/Android)
America version of Lords Of War! Tailored for Northern America!
Local Exclusive Time Zone Of Server (UTC-5)! Wish you Have fun!
Realtime PK, State Task, Palace War, Legion War and Harem Beauty!

Fantasy Chronicles English Gameplay IOS / Android

February 19, 2016

Fantasy Chronicles

Fantasy Chronicles by Sen Zhu (IOS/Android)
Fantasy Chronicles is a 3D fantasy MMORPG masterpiece of cute version. It creatively allows you to ride those lovely, unique pets and provides plenty functions such as Bloodline Awakening, Dynamic AI Instances, Real-time Day and Night. Thousands of skills are available for free combination; peerless Halidom, Gears and Suits are all yours; Single mode, Team mode and Legion skirmish in Wild PK immerse players in a brand new MMORPG world.

Legend Of Swords Gameplay IOS / Android

January 7, 2016

Legend Of Swords

Legend Of Swords by vstar_game (IOS/Android)
The best Fairy and Action mobile RPG in 2015! With the complex storyline and fabulous weapons, Legend of Swords brings about a brand new fighting experience! In the game, you can enjoy an extremely splendid visual and aural feast with the live speech and customized portrait. Besides, the unique Class Transfer system allows you to choose your favorite class and immerse themselves in various adventures, such as carefree Wild PK and the bloody Legion War. Hero, never miss such a killing banquet!

DragonBlade – State War Game Gameplay IOS / Android

November 24, 2015

DragonBlade - State War Game Gameplay IOS / Android

DragonBlade – State War Game by junqi Wei (IOS/Android)
The most popular State War mobile game in the world!
Famous as the top 3D action mobile game of State War,
Dragon Blade is awarded the honorable title
——No.1 MMOARPG of 2015! Come and join us!
On the battlefield, you can fight with historic heroes!
On the state war, you can also get the fantastic gifts!
Hurry Up! Summon your bros and build your empire!
Let’s witness the top 3D technology and awesome HD image quality!
Lv Bu, Zhao Yun, Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Sun Quan, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei…
Various strategists and beauties are coming!
Warrior, Ranger, Archer and Mage, four professions are all available to form your strongest army!

League of Underworld Gameplay IOS / Android

October 24, 2015

League of Underworld Gameplay IOS / Android

League Of Underworld by Mobvista (IOS/Android)
== War Between Vampire And Werwolf Is On The Verge!! ==
It takes one year to elaborately produce this U3D action mobile game of 2015! Enjoy the killing spree!
A dark fantasy game with free fabulous wings, weapon, etc!

Bloody Throne Gameplay (Specter) Android

August 19, 2015

Bloody Throne Gameplay (Specter) Android

Bloody Throne by VStarGame.com (Android)
The top fairy mobile game Bloody Throne is coming!
In 2015, Bloody Throne will published in App Store soon! This RPG game is adapted from a famous fairy novel Bloody Throne with Unity3D engine. Published in a famous Chinese original literature website Qidian Website, this magic fantasy novel has broader background and choppy plot. The players of this game can travel back in time, be the fairy and unify the heaven.