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Hungry Shark World Gameplay iOS / Android

May 9, 2016

Hungry Shark World

Hungry Shark World by Ubisoft Entertainment (iOS/Android)
The stunning sequel to Hungry Shark™ Evolution is here! The Sharks are back, and this time they are taking on the entire WORLD!
Take control of a very Hungry Shark in this action packed aquatic adventure. Survive as long as possible by eating everything that gets in your way!
FGOL boasts over 285 million downloads for the number one shark arcade series on mobile, guaranteeing you the best simulated aquatic feed frenzy out there!

Rayman Classic Gameplay IOS / Android

February 27, 2016

Rayman Classic

Rayman Classic by Ubisoft (IOS/Android)
To celebrate its 20th anniversary, the original Rayman is back… and for the 1st time on your mobile!

Embark on epic adventures with Rayman in one of the most influent platform game of all times and relive the experience of playing the original version of the 1995 hit.
“Rayman is side-scrolling, comiac animation at its finest” Gamespot 1996
“Rayman ranks as one of the most visually appealing games of this or any year” Gamepro 1995
“This will probably go down in the history books as the brightest platform game ever” Playstation Magazine 1995
“One of the greatest platformers games to come out on PC” Joystick 1995
The evil Mr Dark has stolen the Great Protoon and captured the Electoons! Play as Rayman, the legendary limbless hero, free the Electoons, defeat Mr Dark and restore the world’s harmony.

Smurfs Epic Run Gameplay IOS / Android

January 20, 2016

Smurfs Epic Run

Smurfs Epic Run by Ubisoft Entertainment (IOS/Android)
*** SMURFS EPIC RUN: Experience the next generation runner game with gorgeous 2D graphics! Choose your favorite Smurf and embark on an epic adventure to free your fellow Smurfs from Gargamel!***
Gargamel’s has casted an evil fog spell to capture all the Smurfs. The whole village is gone and you’re the only Smurf left! Run away from the fog, parkour a vivid world, gather powerful magic artefacts and save all your Smurfs friends to become the true epic hero of the village!

Rayman Adventures Gameplay IOS / Android

December 4, 2015

Rayman Adventures

Rayman Adventures by Ubisoft Entertainment (IOS/Android)
Embark on amazing adventures through legendary worlds on a quest to rescue the Incrediballs!
The enchanted forest is in trouble; the ancient eggs that sustain the sacred tree have been stolen and scattered across the world.

From haunted medieval castles to the mythical worlds of Olympus, Rayman, our fearless adventurer, and Barbara, his Viking companion, set out in search of the Incrediballs’ eggs to breathe new life into the sacred tree!

Anno 2205: Asteroid Miner Gameplay IOS / Android

November 10, 2015

Anno 2205: Asteroid Miner Gameplay IOS / Android

Anno 2205: Asteroid Miner by Ubisoft Entertainment (IOS/Android)
From the makers of the award-winning Anno games comes a galactic Match-3 adventure with MORE THAN 180 MISSIONS for thrilling mobile action!
Combine, switch, and move as many asteroid materials as possible into rows, use drones to boost your game, and research upgrades in your space station. Transfer rare materials from Asteroid Miner to the PC version of Anno 2205 and build even bigger and more efficient metropolises.

Prince of Persia: Time Run Gameplay IOS / Android

November 6, 2015

Prince of Persia: Time Run Gameplay IOS / Android

Prince of Persia : Time Run by Ubisoft (IOS/Android)
THE PRINCE is back! Join him in this Visual Extravaganza as he RUNS, JUMPS and SLIDES his way through an infinite loop of dimensions, trying to escape the chaos of the Time Vortex in this quest of Epic Proportions!
Get your pulse racing as you collect orbs, dodge obstacles, and run on walls with incredible acrobatic ease. In this endless expedition into the unknown depths of time, save yourself from the traps with the ability to rewind time.
Complete MISSIONS to JOURNEY THROUGH THE TIME SPIRAL and discover its mysterious secrets!

Sandstorm: Pirate Wars Gameplay IOS / Android

October 21, 2015

Sandstorm: Pirate Wars Gameplay IOS / Android

Sandstorm: Pirate Wars by Ubisoft Entertainment (IOS/Android)
Brutal REAL-TIME battles. LETHAL weapons. POWERFUL ships. RUTHLESS pirates. MAD missions. WILL YOU SURVIVE?
Sandstorm Pirate Wars brings you in a post-apocalyptic adventure in which you should prove your skills and strategy in battles to show to all that you are THE MOST FIERCE AND SMARTEST PIRATE EVER!

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