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Land of Daimon Gameplay Android / iOS

October 3, 2016

Land of Daimon

Land of Daimon by Tencent Mobile International Ltd. (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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‘Land of Daimon’ is a mobile game that perfectly combine battle fuctions with RPG strategy game. Players can have different role play with various occupations. What’ more, you can also make a troop with anther players at any time! Various wonderful world are waiting you to discover! Great fighting skills, cure appearance, interesting stories and so on! Come on, discover your own wonderland!

Dragon Ball Z Battle (by Tencent Mobile Games) Gameplay (CN) iOS / Android

June 29, 2016


龙珠激斗(七龙珠正版手游) by Tencent Mobile Games (iOS/Android)
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腾讯首款正版龙珠(七龙珠)手游《龙珠激斗》正式登录App Store!电影级的动画画面,经典还原龙珠动漫风格,全方位再现龙珠经典。游戏以龙珠经典战士收集与养成为核心玩法,多达数十位个性鲜明的龙珠经典战士跃然掌上。6V6空中激斗,发动各异必杀技,施展专属绝招,给玩家拳拳到肉的震撼打击激斗体验。更有天下第一比武大会、龙珠大冒险、神龙许愿、蛇道、马鲁斯塔等经典还原龙珠剧情的玩法系统满足玩家战士养成后的各种PVP与PVE需求。《龙珠激斗》还完美融合了MMORPG的成长体系,玩家可以通过提升战士等级、装备升级、装备突破、装备觉醒、修行、天赋、Z魂、家族等系统逐渐成长为威震宇宙的超级赛亚战士。孙悟空、贝吉塔、布尔玛、特兰克斯……一个个熟悉的名字,一幕幕经典的剧情,让我们聚气于掌中——「Ka Me Ha Me Ha」龟派神功!

Heroes Warsong Gameplay iOS / Android

May 31, 2016

Heroes Warsong

Heroes Warsong by Tencent Mobile International Ltd. (iOS/Android)
“*Real-time action RPG with cinematic quality 3D graphics*
Welcome to Heroes Warsong – the hottest 3D mobile RPG! Embark on a journey across civilizations and recruit more than 36 classic heroes to assist in the fight to save the world.

Elf Summoner Gameplay iOS / Android

April 11, 2016

Elf Summoner

Elf Summoner by Tencent Mobile International Ltd. (iOS/Android)
“””Elf Summoner”” is the game perfectly combines card game with RPG Strategy game.
***Game Background***
There is a devil trying to destroy this world! Summoners with powerful form a team to fight against it!

Armies of Dragons: Awakening Gameplay IOS / Android

March 5, 2016

Armies of Dragons: Awakening

Armies of Dragons: Awakening by Tencent Mobile International Ltd. (IOS/Android)
“Defend your kingdom from rampaging hordes in this new kind of strategy and fortress defense game! Summon the power of the four elements, and elementally charge your armies before sending them to defend three lanes! Train, upgrade, and manage the growth of your warriors to forge a formidable army! Unlock powerful champions to fight for you—and eventually, call forth mighty creatures like treants, golems, and even good dragons to help you win!

CrossFire Mobile Gameplay IOS / Android

March 1, 2016

CrossFire Mobile

CrossFire Mobile by Tencent Mobile Games (IOS/Android)
“Cross Fire: King Shootout” is a game by the Korean Smilegate and Tencent CF-year effort to build a genuine FPS hand travel it perfect transmission quality and PC-side play, but also for mobile terminals operating characteristics and habits of the players Shootout were customized adaptation and optimization, allowing the player to really enjoy the gunfight on the phone game brings the fun and pleasure, the dream of three hundred million mouse gun battle continued into the mobile terminal.

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