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Conquerors Dice Gameplay Android

December 26, 2014

Conquerors Dice by NHN Entertainment Corp

Conquerors Dice is a strategy board game with Great China’s Three Kingdoms as its main theme.
Get all the brave heroes and conquer all the great lands of China.
Select your sovereign and roll the dice to vanquish the lands.
Attack your opponent’s fort and take over their men to wipe them out to disaster.
Fight for victory in the commander’s battle available at the moment of your last breath of life.
Prove yourself worthy by using smart tactics and luck in !

THE SOUL Gameplay (IOS/Android)

December 15, 2014

THE SOUL Gameplay

THE SOUL by NHN Entertainment Corp.

The mad sorcerer Zhang Jue breaks out of his prison to wage war against the world! Only the bravest warriors can stop the violence spread by the horde of undead jiangshi warriors that race across peasant China. Pick up your twin swords as the stealthy Assassin, grab your spear as the indomitable Warrior, strike back against the chaos with a flurry of supreme soul powers and crushing charge attacks!
As the world’s last hope against Zhang Jue’s magic, you must grow your character from an ineffectual soldier to a legendary master with hundreds of Three Kingdom champions at your command. Zhang Jue hopes to capture the souls of history’s greatest heroes for his own dark purposes. Turn the tide of the undead warriors back by capturing and harnessing the power of China’s champions. Collect as many of Zhang Jue’s corrupted souls as you can to empower your hero and bring balance back to the kingdom.

Help Me Jack: Atomic Adventure Gameplay (Android)

November 29, 2014

Help Me Jack: Atomic Adventure Gameplay

Help Me Jack: Atomic Adventure by NHN Entertainment Corp

Choose the Precision Shooter, or the Chaos Blade Warrior and battle mutated animals as you save humanity from the nuclear fallout!

Explore the lost cities of the Earth as you combat the monsters capturing humans across the permanently altered globe. Uniquely customize your skills across multiple classes and upgrade your weapons and armor into the ultimate blade or laser rifle.

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