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Kingdom Story: Brave Legion Gameplay Android / iOS

November 14, 2016

Kingdom Story: Brave Legion

Kingdom Story: Brave Legion by NHN Entertainment Corp. (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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A funny and whimsical take on Romance of Three Kingdoms like never done before! Enjoy deep gameplay and spectacular spell effects in Kingdom Story!
Progress through the plot of the Chinese Three Kingdoms period in history. Collect tons of powerful and cool warriors. Build your base from a quaint little outpost to a formidable military city! Take over China in World Domination mode! Challenge your countrymen in epic PvP matches.

BRAVERY CHRONICLE Gameplay Android / iOS (JP)

November 14, 2016


ブレイブリークロニクル【本格アクション・ストラテジーRPG】 by NHN hangame Corp. (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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▼ Action Strategy!
To specify the destination of the four-party to act in the auto you can establish a unique and capture of,
Trigger timing and skill effect range of skills, to assess the monster of the attack,
You can assemble your own capture properties.
Of course, also crisp play in full auto OK!

The God of High School 2016 Gameplay (KR) iOS / Android

July 30, 2016

2016갓오브하이스쿨 with NAVER WEBTOON

2016갓오브하이스쿨 with NAVER WEBTOON by NHN Entertainment Corp. (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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★ 지금 가입하면 2만원 상당 아이템 100% 지급!!
★ 스페셜 영웅 획득을 위한 특수 미션 및 2주간의 신규 유저 스페셜 이벤트 진행 중!!
★ 네이버 웹툰 인기 액션물 1위에 빛나는 갓오브하이스쿨
일본에 원피스, 드래곤볼, 나루토, 포켓 몬스터가 있고
미국에 DC 코믹스 슈퍼맨 & 배트맨, 마블 어벤져스가 있다면
한국엔 갓오브하이스쿨이 있다.

Derby King – Virtual Betting Gameplay IOS / Android

November 19, 2015

Derby King - Virtual Betting Gameplay IOS / Android

Derby King – Virtual Betting by NHN Entertainment Corp. (IOS/Android)
Finally, the best mobile horse racing game is here for you!
Derby King will make you forget every mobile horse racing game you have ever known!
Real-time betting right at your fingertips; every day is derby day!

Can you guess who will cross the finish line first?
Place your bet and own the racetrack now!

Kill Me Again : Infectors Gameplay IOS / Android

July 2, 2015

Kill Me Again : Infectors Gameplay IOS / Android

Kill Me Again : Infectors by NHN PixelCube Corp. (IOS/Android)
Mercs are the only people mad enough to survive in this dismal future. Keep the squalid survivors safe and your gun loaded in Kill Me Again.
Uncover the plot behind the mutant outbreak. Escape through the city streets in a constant fight for your life. Pick up new guns, upgrade your survival gear, and gather a network of allies to help you gun down the mutants as they swarm toward you. Train your merc into the ideal black op contract killer to earn some quick cash. These walking dead have transformed from stalwart citizens into bloated, bloodied bags of carrion while the city devolves into a hellish wasteland. Use whatever you can to survive: your small pistol, your dead boyfriend’s samurai blade, or even the door off a police car. Bring down the horde of zombies before they claw the flesh off the remaining pill-addicted survivors.

Drift Girls Gameplay IOS / Android

June 11, 2015

Drift Girls Gameplay IOS / Android

Drift Girls by NHN Entertainment Corp. (IOS/Android)
Take speed-dating to the next level with Drift Girls! The world’s first mobile racing/dating sim. It’s a little bit racy, and you’re going to love it!

Enter drag races against players from around the world. Don’t let the fast-paced life of a street racer burn you out. Pull yourself away from the diesel-spewing dragsters to hang out with your favorite girls. The top drifters get the hottest girls, so take the time to tune your engine with nitro extension bursts and road hugging tire upgrades. Drift in your dream car, date your dream girl, and put them together in Drift Girls!

Green Planet : Clean Up Quest Gameplay IOS / Android

December 27, 2014

Green Planet : Clean Up Quest Gameplay IOS / Android

Green Planet : Clean Up Quest by NHN Entertainment Corp.

The green planet is in trouble! A strange sickness corrupts the land. Only you can reverse the cloud of darkness and revive the world’s green plants and cute root creatures!
Play across an entire planet of puzzles in this amazing mobile game! Turn the tiles back to green as you spread the lively vegetation through the spotted planet. Return the world to its former beauty by breaking through the slimy, evil cubes. Link together colorful cubes and clear a path to your next location. Turn the planet into a tranquil meadow as you craft new squares, use unique power-up items, and blast away the explosion of contamination!
Gather up the forces of nature to clear all of the obstacles in your path. Stop the wasteland monsters from spreading their black and blue blotches on your green planet. Strange pumpkins, blots of corrupting blobs, and locked blocks prevent you from successfully purifying the earth, so you must place new blocks to convert the spreading smudges of scum into a new vibrant Earth. Find the easy path to connect a 2×2 square on the grass grid to transform the land and destroy any grimy monsters in the area!

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