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Vampire Princess Marica (by NEXON) Gameplay IOS / Android

February 12, 2016

Vampire Princess Marica

Vampire Princess Marica by NEXON Company (IOS/Android)
Who comes in front of Marica shall be down to their knees!
Soon after the Dark Lord’s death, Vampire Empire fell into disorder.
Marica, the youngest princess of the Dark Lord, has the special power inherited from her father to extract Soulstone from Monsters and make her own Minions.
Marica takes her journey with Alfie, Lord Chamberlain, to become new Dark Lord.

Legion of Heroes Gameplay IOS / Android

December 30, 2015

Legion of Heroes

Legion of Heroes by NEXON Company (IOS/Android)
Legion of Heroes Big Update!!
We’re here with our biggest update ever! Team up with our stronger, better heroes and gear up with our new equipment ranks for more challenges than ever!
* Enter [LOHLEGENDUPDATE] in the in-game coupon window to receive 3 platinum cards, which can be used to earn Heroes over Rank 3 and up!

Medal Masters Gameplay IOS / Android

November 30, 2015

Medal Masters by NEXON Company (IOS/Android)
★★★ Medal Masters ★★★
■ One-Handed Real-Time Retro RPG
Easy controls which enable you to enjoy party action RPG by yourself.
Experience thrilling real-time combats through the knockback system!
■ Take advantage of the Blitz control and your skills to win strategic battles!
Strategies vary from battle to battle depending on the combination of different heroes
Use the Blitz system to aim for the exact timing to strengthen your skills!

Fantasy War Tactics PvP (Battle of Honor) Gameplay IOS / Android

November 10, 2015

Fantasy War Tactics PvP (Battle of Honor) Gameplay IOS / Android

Fantasy War Tactics by NEXON Company (IOS/Android)
Fantasy War Tactics – as an SRPG, a step ahead of RPG games.
Join Fantasy War Tactics Now!
▶ An exciting story full of anime nostalgia!
Make your way through the adventure as an ambitious wizard bent on conquering the world!
We invite you to the world of exotic fantasy, where magic and machines co-exist.

King’s Command Gameplay IOS / Android

November 6, 2015

King’s Command Gameplay IOS / Android

King’s Command by NEXON Company (IOS/Android)
Based on a classic fantasy world, King’s Command is a Real-time Strategy Simulation Game based on the fierce power struggle between the 3 kingdoms.
A huge step forward in mobile real-time strategy, Strategy
– Supports real time PvP battles based on player skills and strategies through mobile devices
– Enables unique, customized tech-trees through resources collected through battles
– Users can select 3 heroes out of 18 as their central troops, and can also strategically run troops by customizing the organization/ratio of the supporting troops of their heroes
– Up to 4 users can engage in multiplayer battles to compete their skills and strategies

Pocket MapleStory English Gameplay IOS / Android

October 15, 2015

Pocket MapleStory English Gameplay IOS / Android

Pocket MapleStory English by NEXON Company (IOS/Android)
▣ Battle ferocious monsters and beasts with your party!
Combine forces with your party and defeat mighty boss monsters!
Prepare your weapons to strike and deliver the final blow with astonishing skills!
▣ Unlimited character customization
Show off your own sense of fashion through unique customization.
Stand out from the rest with different combinations of outfits, pets and mount items.
Complete the look of your hero by changing facial expressions and hairstyles!

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