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Blood Raid (by Netmarble) Gameplay IOS / Android

February 27, 2016

Blood Raid

Blood Raid by Netmarble Games (IOS/Android)
Destroy and demolish in real-time! Blood Raid is an action RPG featuring intense real-time PvP combat, over 200 unique dungeon bosses, and a storyline at a monumental scale. With a spectacular full 3D graphics that haven’t been seen on mobile devices, Blood Raid brings breathtaking hack and slash action to the palm of your hand. Save the land of Morterra against the tyranny of the Aristocrats!
War has broken out in Morterra. The self-proclaimed superior gods, the Aristocrats, are set on wiping out all opposing factions. In the midst of questionable allegiances, ferocious dragons, and duplicitous mages, the villainous Frost Queen seems to be the key to saving Morterra and the humankind.

Rush N Krush Gameplay IOS / Android

November 30, 2015

Rush N Krush by Netmarble Games (IOS/Android)
Welcome to the world of Rush N Krush!

Race past cars in heavy traffic! Use boosters to fling all obstacles out of your way! Rush N Krush is an endless runner, action game, and racing game all rolled into one fun ride!

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