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Zombie Anarchy Gameplay Android / iOS

September 30, 2016

Zombie Anarchy ™

Zombie Anarchy ™ by Gameloft (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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Do you have what it takes to survive hell on Earth?

Begin a desperate struggle to survive an apocalyptic world full of danger and opportunity. Gather skilled survivors to your side and unite against relentless attackers – both living and dead. Scavenge in the city, wage war on infected zombie camps and take what you can from other survivors. When humanity falls and the dead rise, you must do whatever it takes to survive in this apocalyptic combat-strategy game.


Disney Magic Kingdoms Gameplay iOS / Android

March 23, 2016

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Disney Magic Kingdoms by Gameloft (iOS/Android)

When Maleficent casts an evil spell on the Kingdom, ridding it of all of its powerful magic, can you help bring it all back? Relive the thrill of Disney Parks and create the most fantastical Park of your dreams in Disney Magic Kingdoms!

Gods of Rome Gameplay IOS / Android

December 26, 2015

Gods Of Rome

Gods Of Rome by Gameloft (IOS/Android)
An epic fighting game set in an age of myth and legend that shows you exactly what your mobile device is capable of!
The souls of the most powerful gods have been summoned to brutal battle. Fight to restore peace in the most graphically amazing game for mobile. A pantheon of champions is yours to train to new heights as you enter an epic story full of daily challenges, mystic prizes and PvP combat.

Country Friends Gameplay IOS / Android

December 15, 2015

Country Friends

Country Friends by Gameloft (IOS/Android)
Get ready for a fresh farming adventure in the wacky world of Country Friends – a friendly farm simulation where your animals dance and friends from all over the world come together to help each other in the super-social Community Farm!
Pack your bags, because the country’s the perfect place to cast off your Big City Blues and relax with the funniest, friendliest goats, sheep, pigs, chickens and cows you’ll ever meet!

Sniper Fury Gameplay IOS / Android

December 4, 2015

Sniper Fury

Sniper Fury by Gameloft (IOS/Android)
No time for diplomacy; time for war action. We are calling for the best sniper in the world to join us as we take aim at evil, wherever it hides. This is not a game. There is no room for remorse here, so shoot to kill.

Order & Chaos 2 Redemption Gameplay IOS / Android

September 19, 2015

Order & Chaos 2 Redemption Gameplay IOS / Android

Order & Chaos 2: Redemption by Gameloft (IOS/Android)
Be reborn in the best and biggest mobile MMORPG!
Travel the road to redemption in a completely new story in the open world of Order & Chaos. Join thousands of player heroes on a fantasy journey to complete exciting multiplayer quests and redeem yourself!

March of Empires Gameplay IOS / Android

August 16, 2015

March of Empires Gameplay IOS / Android

March of Empires by Gameloft (IOS/Android)
FREE WELCOME PACK, TODAY ONLY! Download now and March to your Destiny!
Break away from reality and ascend to the throne through the art of war!

Claim your title as Highland King, Northern Czar or Desert Sultan, and join this genre-redefining strategy game where you will wage constant war for real territorial conquest!

Siegefall Gameplay IOS / Android

June 26, 2015

Siegefall Gameplay IOS / Android

Siegefall by Gameloft (IOS/Android)
Siegefall – Smash the castle gates and leave nothing but rubble behind in the game that makes you builder, strategist and destroyer, all in one!
Journey to an epic realm where great battles and wars are fought over kingdoms and crowns. Challenge millions of players in fast, tactical action as you take direct control of your battle forces to break through their castle defenses using raw might and your mastery of magic.

Ice Age Avalanche Gameplay IOS / Android

May 23, 2015

Ice Age Avalanche Gameplay IOS / Android

Ice Age Avalanche by Gameloft
Join Sid, Manny and Diego on an epic Ice Age journey in search of a long-forgotten treasure in this fun new puzzle game from the makers of Ice Age Village and Ice Age Adventures!
Swipe fruit in any direction to match 3 or more of the same kind as you travel with the Sub-Zero Heroes around the Ice Age world.

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