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Tiny Hunter Gameplay iOS / Android

March 23, 2016

Tiny Hunter

Tiny Hunter by EYOUGAME (iOS/Android)
《Tiny Hunter》 is a cute version of action RPG online mobile game which riches of adventure, fantasy and fighting elements. The background of the story can be traced back to the history of Medieval. It consists of various historical legend and fantastic imagination at the same time not lacking of entertaining, thrilling and adventurous story line. Unique and uncountable daimon skill system is our main characteristic. Our new daimon collecting and skill combination guaranteed will give you another kind of experience that you never had. You may exploring this adventure world in a freely and relaxing environment. In addition, attractive battling scene as well as deadly combo skill with breathtaking skill effect will make you love it forever.

Ghost Contract (CN) Gameplay IOS / Android

March 1, 2016


神魔契約 by EYOUGAME (IOS/Android)
“3D engine to create end tour retina level visual feast.”
“Ghost contract” inherited the stone interactive games 3DMMORPG years of research experience, an end run engine technology into game development, to create beautiful images of retinal level, so that the phone can play the PC that is the visual sense.

Storm of Knight Gameplay IOS / Android

December 26, 2015

Storm of Knight

Storm of Knight by EYOUGAME (IOS/Android)
[Storm of Knight] serves as a Japan style and fantasy theme with 2D turn-based action mobile game. This game combines several essential elements of a fantasy world with an addictive storyline and character setting, and thus bringing out an attractive and great magic-fantasy world to every player. Besides, this game retains the traditional turn-based battle, but at the same time also developed many brand new gameplays, such as exquisite heroes, refined ancient god’s suit, having legendary creatures as mount and more. Mythical beasts, unearthly magic, and goddesses are all waiting for you~

Immortal DreamX Gameplay IOS / Android

September 20, 2015

Immortal DreamX Gameplay IOS / Android

Immortal DreamX by EYOUGAME (IOS/Android)
Since you decided to click into this game, in order to maintain the peace in the earth, to prevent destroy of the world, to persistence the passion and guilty. [Immortal DreamX] the 2015 Luxury mobile online game made from a huge amount, step over the galaxy all the way came to here, dislike of being auto fight in game? Stop doing these anymore…We are well prepared for you the entire thing that you want!
-About Immortal Dream
[Immortal DreamX] is a theme of celestial warrior mobile online game. It is easy to play, abundant auto play mode with brand new fully rounded superior freely battle mode, 360 degree target-less attacking mode, control your hero with smooth combination of skills, to experience the fast and furious of the most extreme gameplay.

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