Strawhat Pirates:Romance Dawn Gameplay Android

April 14, 2015

Strawhat Pirates:Romance Dawn Gameplay Android

Strawhat Pirates:Romance Dawn by Eiichiro Studios
Straw Hat: Pirate King is the one of the hottest mobile game in 2014 and its download has surpassed 1 million times around the world. It is based on the original anime story line of One Piece and perfectly builds a rich adventure world. There are more than 100 pirates’ roles in the game and about 100 equipments and a large number of devil fruit skills! It’s a must-play for sailing and adventure funs in 2015. Just download it and start your pirate world!For more excellent events please refer to notice in the game and facebook.

Game Features
◇ Super PK system lets you not only grazing land but also enjoy special title. There are sea arena, super attack and defense war, world boss war and other dazzled fighting. What’s more, there are cool skills and powerful sea mammals! Just use your fingers to get the chance to dominate sea area and get strongest title! You will become the fighting talent in the pirate world!
◇Fabulous guild growth system and awesome guild management mode! Together with your pirate friends to create the strongest guild in your sea area! There are also cross-sever pk. Just compete with superiors from each severs~
◇ Novel group developing system lets you mulling over how to build your super team. Strawhat Pirates:Romance Dawn has unique pal develop mode. There are five elemental restraints, and each pal have they own elemental power. Two battle array, deferent pal restrain, team up with combine skills to win which will not make the game data to limit the pleasure of playing the game~ In the world of Strawhat Pirate, the power value is just reference, not synonymous with war winning!
◇Unique foundation build and management mode which makes you enjoy the fun of money-making. There is food palace including: Takoyaki, Seafood Risotto and Baratie. There is TOM Dock Bath Center of Queen, Bubble Amusement Park which provides service for pirate before set sail. There are OP Armory, Watchtower, and Command Post which can improve pirates’ combat power a lot!
So what are you waiting for? Unprecedented game experience and unexpected action card game, they are all in Strawhat Pirates:Romance Dawn!
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