Pocket Wukong Gameplay IOS / Android

November 13, 2015

Pocket Wukong Gameplay IOS / Android

Pocket Wukong – 全民西游II by Singapore Game Pte Ltd (IOS/Android)
2015 #1 Strategy Action Card game is taking Southeast Asia by storm! Experience the innovative TRUE strategy mobile game on the go!
Collect your team up to 9 epic heroes and challenge your friends and other players with your unique formation!
Heroes are not standing still any more, but move like a War Chess with thousands of hero abilities and combination! Enter and enjoy the gorgeous and exciting battles in the world of immortal heroes.

Key Features:
1 Unparalleled Heroes – There are hundreds of unforgettable collectable Heroes. Each hero has many unique and strategic abilities, which will be auto released during the real-time battle. There are also special combo features between heroes and exclusive equipment for each hero to add battle power. This game is easy for any player to pick up, but with its deep strategy mechanics and hero combinations, it takes a true master to conquer the Ladder!

2 Unique 9-slots Sudoku – The Unique 9-slots Sudoku battle field is the most impressive part of game.
It’s no longer just a game to compare attribute values or hero levels, your formation and strategy play a significant role to win the battle.
-There are Tank Heroes, DPS Heroes,AOE Heroes,Control Heroes and Healing Heroes with unique abilities and special combo features.
-Enchant, Froze, Swap, Seal, Return,Turtle,Surrender …there are thousands of hero abilities; battle with related heroes to active more hero features. Think of your formation to dominate the Ladder ad shock everybody. The different combination is the art of prevailing. But remember, no formation is invincible in this game!
-Each hero has attack range, you have to arrange them in the suitable position in 9-slots Sudoku!


3 Endless fun – GrandTower, Demon War, Adventure, Rob, Casting Master, Trial Cave, Maze, Quiz…lots of gameplays are waiting for you. You can even get MARRIED in game!

4 Unparalleled PVP – Fight against other players of your server in the Ladder, Dual and Union War system. But cooperate and be a team when Server League occurs!

5 Pocket Wukong is free to play, and there is always abundant loot for players to collect and upgrade their heroes, in addition more items can be bought via in-app purchases. All in-game currencies are collectable for both paying and non-paying users in different stages and battles, and can be exchanged in different stores in the game for a variety of exciting items and even heroes.


App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1038292674
Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.qianz.xy2

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