Combat Squad Multiplayer 1 vs 1 Team Deathmatch – iOS/Android Gameplay

May 20, 2017

Combat Squad

Combat Squad by A-33 Studio Co.,Ltd. (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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Get ready for an epic tactical multiplayer squad combat to test your skills and tactics against others around the world.
Combat Squad : Project Wednesday is a fast-paced Tactical First Person Shooter like you have never seen before! Create and customize your own squad then control and command the entire squad of five in battle.

Wuxia Legends – Condor Heroes Gameplay Android / iOS

May 20, 2017

Wuxia Legends - Condor Heroes

Wuxia Legends – Condor Heroes by MobGame Pte. Ltd. (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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Wuxia Legends is a great strategy card game that has fully presented the Kung Fu World, where conflicts between good and evil resulted in battles and chaos. You will become a Sect’s Master who is wandering to recruit strong warriors and eventually rule the Kung Fu World. You can recruit famous heroes like Dongfang Bubai, Guo Jing, Huang Rong, Xiao Feng, Yang Guo… Wuxia Legends offers incredible 2D Chibi graphics together with magnificent skill effects. A wide variety of flexible tactics and an unique enhancement system will bring you unforgettable game-play experience.

Empire and Clan Gameplay Android / iOS

May 20, 2017

Empire and Clan

Empire and Clan by Reality Squared Games (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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A classic game for you
Empire and Clan is a turn-based role-playing game.
In the game, you will be able to explore the vast Americas and the epic stories of the Champions. Create your own formation of Champions of different classes to fight the strong enemies.
30 Champions from 2 factions await your summons. Each of them carries unique skills, allowing you to form a unique team!

Ran In The Pocket Gameplay Android / iOS (RAN Online Mobile)

May 19, 2017


RanInThePocket by Min Communications, Inc (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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Exciting adventure on your mobile! Ran In The Pocket!

Amazing action!
Powerful monsters which can’t be defeated by only using strength have appeared! need great placement the party and tactic!

Enjoy your Ran character in mobile and play! Welcome to Ran In The Pocket!

Sky Realm Gameplay Android / iOS (Open World MMORPG)

May 19, 2017

Sky Realm

Sky Realm by huang xingjing (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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Sky Realm is coming and brings you fantastic MMORPG!
Combining various classic modes of magic mobile games, Sky Realm with city battles can arouse your bottom passion. Furthermore, to improve your experience, rich and rational content such as Dungeon System, War Dragon and World Boss is designed. (more…)

War of Queens Android Gameplay

May 19, 2017

War of Queens

War of Queens by Usfun Games (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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– Battle against enemy with distinctive skills.
– Diverse cute pets and 3D battle scene.
– Upgrade queens power with equipment-upgrading.
– Choose targets automatically .
-Easy-to-control and user-friendly interface.
-Amazed by the gorgeous graphics,rich game-play,immersive music.

Winions: Mana Champions Gameplay Android / iOS (by NEXON)

May 19, 2017

Winions: Mana Champions

Winions: Mana Champions by NEXON M Inc. (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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“Greedy, Sneaky, Lazy: Unapologetically Fun!”
Grab your favorite hero, summon hordes of minions from your best card deck, and steal treasure chests from other players!
Defend your base with cunning traps, turrets, and the help of your own guardian dragon!

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