The Nine Gameplay IOS / Android

January 17, 2015

The Nine Gameplay IOS / Android

The Nine by D&D Dream

Game Description
With loads of cute action, an RPG with a fresh new concept, NINE!
Go on exciting adventures at the tap of a button.
Hire up to 18 heroes and train them to create your own powerful party.
Features five different regions, and loads of distinct monsters, unique quests, and challenging achievements.
With 18 heroes, each with their own color, save the Land of Nine from peril.
Train your characters and battle against other players using your party of buffed-up heroes.
Secure victories and let everyone know of your awesome power.

Game Features
+18 cute characters
+Each character comes with 3 unique active skills, and 1 unique passive skill
+Character training system (level ups, skill upgrades)
+Strategic game playing by carefully positioning your characters
+5 different regions, 10 different stages
+Over 30 different types of diverse monsters and 10 unique bosses
+Over 10 different types of items
+Multiplayer versus mode (via Game Center).


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