Martial Heroes Gameplay Android

March 25, 2015

Martial Heroes Gameplay Android

Martial Heroes by Awecent Pte. Ltd
Fight alongside famous characters created by 3 of the world’s top Martial Arts Novelists; JingYong, Gu Long and Huang Yi!!
Enlist over 100+ Legendary Heroes to fight by your side. Give your Heroes the leverage over opponents by providing them with equipment and powerful Martial Arts skills! Get in on the PvP mode to rob other players of valuable equipment and epic skills!

Not a fan of PvP? Then try out the Story Mode. Each chapter in the story mode represents one of the novels written by JingYong, Gu Long or Huang Yi. Meet these Legendary Heroes, as they come alive in front of your eyes. Interact with other characters and do battle! Test your mantle and see if you are powerful enough to take down the jewels of the Martial Arts World!
Still not exciting enough for you? Then try to pitch your skills in the Master’s Trials! Meet various Martial Arts Masters and see if you can beat them all! There are 60 levels in the trials! Can you conquer them all?
Click the download button right now, for the Legendary Heroes await you in Martial Heroes!
☆Explore the historical world of Martial Heroes through various battle modes according to your battle style!
☆Over 100 Legendary Heroes waiting to join you in your adventure and quest for the ultimate victory!
☆ Form the best battle team and slash your way to the top of the Hero Board!
☆Equip Heroes with stunning Martial Arts skills, unique Passive skills and Special Chi to become the strongest of them all!
☆Pit your wits against fellow Heroes in the Blood War system! Fight to the end!
☆Limitless achievements to be unlocked! Become a LEGEND now!



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