MacGuffin Quest Gameplay IOS / Android

December 31, 2014

MacGuffin Quest Gameplay IOS / Android

MacGuffin Quest by Execution Labs

9 out of 10 wizards agree: you must play this hilarious & challenging dungeon-crawling adventure!
MacGuffin Quest provides your daily dose of collecting, fighting, unlocking, and escaping in one complete package.
Play as Knight, Archer and Wizard to collect the precious MacGuffins. Unlock outrageous gear and achieve fame & fortune. Beware! The very environment you explore will fight back, and you must make your escape before the dungeon–or your own greed–gets the best of you.
Let the MacGuffin Quest begin!

• Switch between 3 characters with unique abilities on the fly
• Customize your adventurers
• Unlock powerful AND hilarious gear and items
• Explore randomized levels for a new experience every time you play
• Experience heart-pumping escape sequences
Experience epic dungeon crawling on the go.
Download & play MacGuffin Quest for free today!


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