Crime Coast Gameplay IOS / Android

February 17, 2015

Crime Coast Gameplay IOS / Android

Crime Coast by Pixel Squad

Who says crime doesn’t pay?
With its golden beaches and crystal waters Crime Coast might look like paradise, but beneath the surface lies a web of criminal intrigue where underworld bosses fight it out for total control. Have you got what it takes to rise to the top?
From running a protection racket to launching armed raids on your opponents, the risks are high but the rewards are worth it. Hire specially trained henchmen and hardened cons then watch your criminal empire grow into a syndicate you can be proud of – but make sure you stay one step ahead of rivals trying to muscle in on your territory!

● Free to play
● Competitive multiplayer mode
● Detailed city building featuring everything from scrapyards to mansions
● Exclusive infrastructure construction gameplay mechanics
● Choose from 1 of 8 unique henchmen to make sure your syndicate succeeds
● Use your corrupt attorney to bend the law and break out cons to work for you
● Raid your rivals’ towns and cities to steal their loot – and protect your own at all costs
● Rich and detailed sprite-based art style
● Unique vehicle system to aid your getaways – and run over your rivals
● Lighthearted comedy – spot the gangster-related puns scattered throughout
● Innovative social gameplay features – collaborate with your friends or become a snitch!
● Chat with your allies and compete in a snap
● Help your pals escape the prison
● Crush your enemies like candy in a total clash of gangs
● Achieve glory in battle by clashing against the king of mobsters!
● Kill your enemy gangsters with your best shot!
● Race the traffic in incredible bank heists!
● Sometimes you will need to punch your foes just like boxing. You know the drill!
● Cities that look real, with cars and drivers!
● Even Spiderman will say this game rocks!
● Use your modern snipers to take down enemies at a distance!
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