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Minitropolis Gameplay IOS / Android

January 20, 2016


Minitropolis by ZQGame Inc (IOS/Android)
Mayor – your help is needed building Minitropolis, the puzzle powered city!
An exciting adventure awaits in a city building game unlike any other.
Come see what all the buzz is about!
MATCH, LINK & BURST your way through various puzzles to build your town.

Euro Truck Driver Gameplay IOS / Android

January 9, 2016

Euro Truck Driver

Euro Truck Driver by Ovidiu Pop (IOS/Android)
Euro Truck Driver lets you become a real trucker! Featuring European trucks with lots of customizations, this truck simulator delivers an exciting driving experience that will make you feel like driving real trucks. Travel across many countries from Europe, visit incredible places like Berlin, Prague, Madrid, Rome, Paris and more! Play the career mode of this truck simulator, make money, purchase new trucks and upgrades, explore the trucking world! Challenge your friends with the online multiplayer mode, show off your customized truck! Become the King of The Road by playing Euro Truck Driver!

Sky Garden: Paradise Flowers Gameplay IOS / Android

January 3, 2016

Sky Garden : Paradise Flowers

Sky Garden : Paradise Flowers by VNG GAME STUDIOS (IOS/Android)
Join the world of fairy tales of Jack and the beanstalk where you become a fantasy gardener on the cloud.
Raise a garden of flowers on the cloud! Harvest seeds of plants, grow them in unique pots. Upgrade your hundred of unique pots and trade with friends. Explore the world on paradise, run your own garden with other online players around the world.
Are you ready for the new adventure? Let’s get started!

City Island 4: Sim Town Tycoon Gameplay IOS / Android

December 30, 2015

City Island 4: Sim Town Tycoon

City Island 4: Sim Town Tycoon by Sparkling Society (IOS/Android)
Play the most popular city building simulation game series on mobile! In this new City Island sim, City Island 4 – Sim Town Tycoon, city building has never been more fun! You’ll be the tycoon to grow a small village on one island into a megapolis on multiple islands. Discover new islands, expand your town and city life, keep your citizens happy, manage transportation and enjoy a virtual world full of quests! Join over 50 million players that played the City Island series so far, with awesome detailed graphics and realism. Place buildings and decorations strategically to keep the cash flowing and your city growing. Watch your islands come to life, in the snow, rain and sun, night and day! Manage and expand your city on the go – both online and offline.
City Island 4: Sim Town Tycoon
Following the high rated City Island 3: Building Sim city builder tycoon game, City Island 4: Sim Town Tycoon is the fourth game in a very popular series of city building tycoon games. You start on an empty island with little cash and gold, and then you need to manage and grow your village to a tiny city and even further into a megapolis. If you like city buildings games, with 250+ awesome buildings with extreme detail, City Island 4 is your best choice. Join the world’s most popular city building simulation game, with cool sim city-life aspects. Lots of fun challenges to complete, e.g. find the best way to organize your city with decorations that provide boosts, join events to gather enough materials for special buildings, manage the transportation of the citizens, provide them with enough jobs and community buildings to keep them happy and earn more cash. Enjoy the increased reality with various weather conditions, day and night cycle, and many more cool city-life aspects.

As mayor, you need to solve real life challenges like buildings maintenance, fires, provide services and other community needs to keep your citizens happy, boost your population with parks and decorations, provide transportability with roads, railways with trains, walking paths, canals, docks and cargo ships and solve fun challenges with friends to grow and shape your society.

Tap Tycoon Gameplay IOS / Android

December 30, 2015

Tap Tycoon

Tap Tycoon by Game Hive Corporation (IOS/Android)
From the developers of Tap Titans, comes the world’s first country vs. country incremental game! Are you ready to lead your country to world domination?
Tap to create money out of thin air and earn enough money to invest in your businesses. Shape your multi-industry conglomerate by building and upgrading your businesses. Don’t worry, we are living in the 35th century here. You will get to invest in some mind-boggling technologies such as the anti-gravity fork, luggage shrink ray, and the holographic window view!

Country Friends Gameplay IOS / Android

December 15, 2015

Country Friends

Country Friends by Gameloft (IOS/Android)
Get ready for a fresh farming adventure in the wacky world of Country Friends – a friendly farm simulation where your animals dance and friends from all over the world come together to help each other in the super-social Community Farm!
Pack your bags, because the country’s the perfect place to cast off your Big City Blues and relax with the funniest, friendliest goats, sheep, pigs, chickens and cows you’ll ever meet!

Pridefest™ Gameplay IOS / Android

December 15, 2015


Pridefest™ by Atari, Inc (IOS/Android)
Celebrate the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer) community with Pridefest™, an interactive social-simulation game that empowers YOU to bring joy and color to your city and friends! As Mayor, it’s your job to restore your city to its former glory by customizing shops, completing quests, making new friends, and running your own Pride parades. Choose your floats and navigate flamboyant parades in fun mini-games. The more creative and jubilant your parade, the more happiness you’ll bring to the city, and the more of the city you’ll unlock! Lead your parade with your own customizable avatar, join or form your own Club, and connect with other players to chat, visit each other’s city, or hang out in your town square.

Fun Hospital Gameplay IOS / Android

November 30, 2015

Fun Hospital - a Nice Day

Fun Hospital – a Nice Day by OrangesGame Technology Limited (IOS/Android)
You are invited to build a fantastic theme hospital! Build a hospital with your smart strategy NOW! And expand it to the most famous and supreme hospital in the world!

Play as the boss of the hospital, you’ll need to build rooms, hire doctors, and manage everything well to treat all kinds of funny & weird patients according to their disease. Always make sure your doctors and patients are in a good condition, and make good use of various facilities and items to make them feel happy and comfortable! Everything in your hospital is under your control!

TruckSimulation 16 Gameplay IOS / Android

November 30, 2015

TruckSimulation 16 by astragon Entertainment GmbH (IOS/Android)
In TruckSimulation 16 you will take true-to-life control of one of seven real trucks. Start out with a rickety old clunker and earn your first coins in a variety of supply contracts across a large road network in Western and Central Europe. Use the money you earn to purchase better trucks, such as five faithfully reproduced MAN tractor units!

Football Manager Touch 2016 Gameplay IOS / Android

November 30, 2015

Football Manager Touch 2016 by SEGA (IOS/Android)
Football Manager Touch 2016 is the most comprehensive football management game available on a mobile device. Manage real teams and real players, in 139 authentic leagues across the world and watch your games play out on the acclaimed Football Manager 3D match engine.

Football Manager Touch provides an immersive experience for managers who prefer a more streamlined, fast-paced career.

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