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Blitz Racer Gameplay (IOS/Android)

November 21, 2014

Blitz Racer Gameplay

Blitz Racer by Mudloop

“There are some games that just get it right. The graphics, the music and the controls, feel right the first time you play it. Blitz Racer easily falls into that category. […] In my opinion, Mudloop has a hit on their hands. Hopefully many people will take notice of this gem of an arcade racer. Back to racing!” – droidgamers.com
Blitz Racer is a fun racing game, with a minimal art style, unique controls and challenging gameplay. Unlock and race through 6 challenging isometric tracks, and become the world’s best Blitz Racer!

Turbo Racing 3D Gameplay (Android)

November 21, 2014

Turbo Racing 3D by TerranDroid

Conquer street and sky in Turbo Racing 3D, a mix of high-octane driving and endless racing. Turbo Racing is the #1 arcade endless racing game with stunning 3D graphics.
This is Turbo Racing 3D. The ultimate endless race in the city streets, countryside roads and seashores, featuring amazing vehicles, addictive gameplay and intense traffic competition. Barrel through packed streets, avoid crashes, take down traffic cars, pick up coins and perform dynamic, high-speed aerial stunts! The game will challenge even the most skilled racing fans.

VS. Racing 2 Gameplay (IOS/Android)

November 19, 2014

VS. Racing 2 Gameplay

VS. Racing 2 by Northcube AB

Experience the thrill of all-out arcade racing!
BEST MOBILE RACING GAME 2012 – Rocket & Raygun awards
Massive campaign with 127 races, as well as 10 different cars featured with unique handling, upgrades and pimping.
Internet ghost-race. Challenge your friends on any track and race agains each other. Who will be the winner and who will be left behind in a cloud of dust?

Offroad Heroes Action Gold Gameplay (Android)

November 18, 2014

Offroad Heroes Action Gold Gameplay

Offroad Heroes Action Gold by Pocket Scientists

In the gold version, you get everything:
* No ads
* No locked tracks
* No locked vehicles
Off-road means challenge. Rally means sport. Off-road rally means a lot of fun. Off-road rally is a type of racing, where the cars are not very fine tuned, but they are prepared for rough terrains. In a virtual world those off road cars even can use weapons and power-ups to get over the competition.

Race the Traffic Nitro Gameplay (Android)

November 18, 2014

Race the Traffic Nitro Gameplay

Race the Traffic Nitro by Soccer Football World Cup Games

Race the Traffic Nitro has lots of new feats that take the game to a whole new level. Have fun dodging cars and trucks while you speed up to the limit. Race against the AI in an outstanding Racing Face-Off and try to earn the respect of your fellow drivers.
Race the Traffic Nitro includes the most awesome feature for car games: Nitro Boost. Fill up your nitro by speeding and overtaking other cars and then use it to reach max speed. Also, you can get several cars to improve your performance.
What are you waiting for? Download Race the Traffic now!
DISCLAIMER: No cows were harmed in the making of this app.

Drift X Arena Gameplay (Android)

November 17, 2014

Drift X Arena Gameplay
Drift X ARENA by Bunbo games

Pure breath taking DriftX experience: you will be literally DriftXing for your life.
Turn the wheel on time or you will be rolled over the platform, make the best moves to get the best score.
Coming soon with online mode, you will be able to challenge the DriftXers all around the world or local with your friends. They will know is the best DriftXer with this deadly duel on the rocks !
Rate Us 5 Stars to encourage us improve the game continuously.
All free experience you wont be forced to buy any special deals No In-app Purcahes that will annoy you.

Armored Off-Road Racing Gameplay (Android)

November 17, 2014

Armored Off-Road Racing Gameplay

Armored Off-Road Racing by CreDeOne Limited

Armored Off-Road Racing is a wonderful battle rally racing game. It is an armored version of Furious Wheel HD. Using accelerometer to steer the car has more realistic driving experience. Detail and high quality picture definitely give the players an adrenalin-pumping, high-speed racing experience.

Hit Dodge Zbang Gameplay (Android)

November 17, 2014

Hit Dodge Zbang

Hit Dodge Zbang by Invisible Owl

Speed up and blast out some cars as you Hit Dodge Zbang your way to the finish line. You’re in charge of the police car and need to wipe out all those bad racing drivers, re-establishing the law and order in your quiet little town. With bad behaved asphalt racers, you now have the opportunity to hunt them down and stop their illegal speed fun. Enjoy a 3d super realistic fast-pasted racing car game, that has an adrenaline factor as well as an addictive one blended together in an adventure like you haven’t seen before.

Bike Rivals Gameplay (IOS/Android)

November 17, 2014

Bike Rivals Gameplay

Bike Rivals by Miniclip.com

Are you ready to play the greatest motocross game ever?

Bike Rivals is a new and exciting physics based motocross game from Miniclip!

Be the most intense, competitive and quickest rider in order to get the 3 stars on all the levels, while enjoying the amazing bike physics and fast-paced gameplay! But this isn’t just about finishing each level…it’s about getting the fastest time! Try your best to beat the clock!

With simple controls, tap on the edges of the screen to accelerate and brake, while tilting the device to lean backwards or forward, giving you an edge in key sections of the levels. Take on the death defying worlds of Trial Zone and Apocalypse, with their numerous dynamic elements that make this game very challenging!

Perform tricks like wheelies, backflips and frontflips to get some nitro boosts, or pick them up throughout the levels! Use them wisely, and you’ll get even better race times!

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