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We Are Heroes Gameplay IOS / Android

January 31, 2016

We Are Heroes

We Are Heroes by JOY Inc. (IOS/Android)
Have you ever wondered what would happen if Wukong came face to face with Thor?
Everyone has their own hero but what if you could prove yours is the best of the best. Your imagination comes to life in We Are Heroes, the next-gen MOBA+ RPG for mobile device! Build your team into an EPIC squad by recruiting Superheroes and war against millions of players worldwide.

If you enjoy an action and strategy game with superpower combat, you will desire to enjoy this mobile battle arena game. The delicate combination of the Mobile Online Battle Arena (MOBA) and Strategy provides fun experiences along with the Superheroes role playing and PvP strategy. Download We Are Heroes and try out this new generation of RPG + MOBA game on your mobile today!

Land of Heroes MOBA Gameplay IOS / Android

January 20, 2016

Land of Heroes

Land of Heroes by CYou (IOS/Android)
Gather heroes from across the land and lead your team to victory in exhilarating real-time 3v3 combat!
Land of Heroes is a non-stop action RPG featuring real-time MOBA PvP and frantic dungeon-crawling PvE, where you take on an eclectic assortment of wacky mutant monsters as you blast your way through a massive action-packed adventure!
With exciting 7-minute matches, dive in now for a fix of PvP fun!

Plants War 2 MOBA Gameplay IOS / Android

December 26, 2015

Plants War 2

Plants War 2 by 4:33 (IOS/Android)
Leafy and Plant Minions have returned to save Dryad Forest from animal invasion after the broken peace treaty. Command your Plant Army and be entertained by the simplistic gameplay of true mobile RTS and MOBA action!
Lead your hero on the battlefield, strategically attack and destroy enemy sanctuaries!

Age of Heroes MOBA Gameplay IOS / Android

September 29, 2015

Age of Heroes MOBA Gameplay IOS / Android

영웅의 시대 by INTERSAVE (IOS/Android)
실시간 전략 전술 깊이가 다릅니다.
개성있고 호쾌한 영웅의 주인공이 되어 적의 크리스탈을 파괴하고 승리를 쟁취하세요!박진감 넘치는 전투를 눈으로 직접 확인하세요

Eternal Arena MOBA Gameplay IOS / Android

September 20, 2015

Eternal Arena MOBA Gameplay IOS / Android

Eternal Arena by NetEase Games (IOS/Android)
The world of Etryna is governed by powerful magic and mighty warriors, and it’s up to you to unite legions of feuding factions against their common enemy: a mysterious villain known as the Master. Learn to harness your psychic powers as you lead up to three heroes at once in combat. Build your army, and save the world!

League of Immortals MOBA Gameplay IOS / Android

September 3, 2015

League of Immortals MOBA Gameplay IOS / Android

League of Immortals by FunPlus (IOS/Android)
With already millions of players already playing, 2015’s revolutionary mobile action game League of Immortals is here!
League of Immortals seamlessly combines MOBA and RPG gameplay, with heroes at your fingertips ready to be leveled-up and sent to battle!
Bringing an experience more exciting than the usual card battle and gameplay deeper than most RPGs, League of Immortals delivers a truly immersive MOBA gaming experience.

Call of Champions MOBA Gameplay IOS / Android

July 28, 2015

Call of Champions MOBA Gameplay IOS / Android

Call of Champions MOBA by Spacetime Studios (IOS/Android)
Call of Champions is the MOBA refined for mobile and designed for competition. With strategic champion gameplay, five minute short-form matches, unique tournament structures, and in-depth social features, players can prove that they’re the best mobile gamer in the world!

Ace of Arenas MOBA Gameplay IOS / Android

July 18, 2015

Ace of Arenas MOBA Gameplay IOS / Android

Ace of Arenas by GaeaMobile (IOS/Android)
Ace of Arenas Features :
Fight together with friends, creating a formidable team to crush your rivals and annihilate their base! Level up and strengthen your Champions to tactically decimate enemy players, turrets and ultimately, the Core of their base in furiously paced head to head games.

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