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MOBA Legends Gameplay iOS / Android

June 27, 2016

MOBA Legends

MOBA Legends by Kick9 Co. Ltd. (iOS/Android)
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Experience the next generation of mobile MOBA’s!
Crystals, a legendary source of power, has been discovered by a ruthless madman who now holds dominion over all dimensions. Legends have been summoned to battle in the Arena in hopes of securing victory and security for their people. Fight for your team’s survival as you strategize, band together, and execute attacks to infiltrate the enemy’s stronghold. Destroy minions and defense towers as you clear the lane on your way to victory. Explore the jungle and gain unique advantages over your opponents. Leave nothing in your path!

Legendary MOBA Gameplay iOS / Android

June 16, 2016


Legendary by EFUN COMPANY LIMITED (iOS/Android)
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The best MOBA game in 2016. One minute to become legendary!
“First Blood, GANK, Penta Kill, ACE… …”
Yes! Legendary is the most popular MOBA game in 2016. Play 5v5 battles with the global players. Just one minute, you can become the legendary in the game. Do not hesitate to show off your strategies and manipulation! GANG UP!! Gather your friends to play together! Over 100 heroes’ skins are waiting for you to select. The Group Battle is on! What are you waiting for? Come and get the First Blood!

Titan Brawl MOBA Gameplay iOS / Android

May 26, 2016

Titan Brawl

Titan Brawl by Omnidrone (iOS/Android)
Whether you’re a master of MOBA gaming, or a total newbie, Titan Brawl will grab you from your first fight!
Intense 4 minute brawls, awesome collectable heroes, single player and PvP battles! Titan Brawl blends action and strategy to test your combat skills to the limit!

PigBang MOBA Gameplay iOS / Android

May 20, 2016

PigBang Slice & Dice

PigBang Slice & Dice by cedema ltd (iOS/Android)
Do you want to have a constant opportunity to take part in a funny and dynamic online fight at your finger tips? Then PingBang is for you! We’ve put together the best for you! Build, shoot and command your troops in arcade MOBA of a new generation. Play with your friends whilst convenient adaptable control and pleasant visual style will help you to enjoy the game from the first minute.

We Are Heroes Gameplay IOS / Android

January 31, 2016

We Are Heroes

We Are Heroes by JOY Inc. (IOS/Android)
Have you ever wondered what would happen if Wukong came face to face with Thor?
Everyone has their own hero but what if you could prove yours is the best of the best. Your imagination comes to life in We Are Heroes, the next-gen MOBA+ RPG for mobile device! Build your team into an EPIC squad by recruiting Superheroes and war against millions of players worldwide.

If you enjoy an action and strategy game with superpower combat, you will desire to enjoy this mobile battle arena game. The delicate combination of the Mobile Online Battle Arena (MOBA) and Strategy provides fun experiences along with the Superheroes role playing and PvP strategy. Download We Are Heroes and try out this new generation of RPG + MOBA game on your mobile today!

Land of Heroes MOBA Gameplay IOS / Android

January 20, 2016

Land of Heroes

Land of Heroes by CYou (IOS/Android)
Gather heroes from across the land and lead your team to victory in exhilarating real-time 3v3 combat!
Land of Heroes is a non-stop action RPG featuring real-time MOBA PvP and frantic dungeon-crawling PvE, where you take on an eclectic assortment of wacky mutant monsters as you blast your way through a massive action-packed adventure!
With exciting 7-minute matches, dive in now for a fix of PvP fun!

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