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Batman vs Superman Who Will Win Gameplay IOS / Android

March 9, 2016

Batman vs Superman Who Will Win

Batman vs Superman Who Will Win by Warner Bros. International Enterprises (IOS/Android)
Mankind faces a new threat as darkness falls on Gotham and Metropolis. A personal vendetta has been made, side between Batman or Superman to set the record straight.
Race against time and go the distance. Dodge obstacles, collect power-ups and battle against your opponent.

Mutant Fighting Cup 2 Gameplay IOS / Android

March 1, 2016

Mutant Fighting Cup 2

Mutant Fighting Cup 2 by Ace Viral (IOS/Android)
The beasts are back in Mutant Fighting Cup 2! BIGGER! BETTER! MORE FEARSOME THAN EVER! Evolve, mutate and train your monsters to win the monster championship in hard brutal turn-based strategy battles!

iSlash Heroes Gameplay IOS / Android

March 1, 2016

iSlash Heroes

iSlash Heroes by Duello Games (IOS/Android)
Tune up your ninja senses, sharpen your slashing skill!
The #1 slashing puzzle iSlash is back with new deadly gameplay elements, fearless bosses, stunning graphics and lots of challenging levels!

Cooking Mama Let’s Cook Puzzle Gameplay IOS / Android

February 27, 2016

Cooking Mama Let's Cook Puzzle

Cooking Mama Let’s Cook Puzzle by Office Create Corp (IOS/Android)
▼Fun! Simple! Cooking puzzle action!
Puzzles for beginners to experts!
Prepare dishes with fun puzzle action, and make your shops a success!
▼Game Overview
The rules are simple! Connect 3 or more Foo-Don (ingredient characters), then tap them to make the dish!
Tap and hold connected Foo-Don and they’ll stick together, turning into a jumbo Foo-Don!
Make a dish from jumbo Foo-Don to earn tons more points!
Easy controls make it fun to create jumbo Foo-Don and rack up points!

Psebay Gameplay IOS / Android

February 27, 2016


Psebay by Eugeny Butakov (IOS/Android)
Psebay – atmospheric adventure in mototrial genre.


Flying on a motorcycle over the hills and cliffs is very interesting. But when at the same time the direction of gravity changes, turning all around, then it becomes really cool! Try it and you will understand everything.

Rayman Classic Gameplay IOS / Android

February 27, 2016

Rayman Classic

Rayman Classic by Ubisoft (IOS/Android)
To celebrate its 20th anniversary, the original Rayman is back… and for the 1st time on your mobile!

Embark on epic adventures with Rayman in one of the most influent platform game of all times and relive the experience of playing the original version of the 1995 hit.
“Rayman is side-scrolling, comiac animation at its finest” Gamespot 1996
“Rayman ranks as one of the most visually appealing games of this or any year” Gamepro 1995
“This will probably go down in the history books as the brightest platform game ever” Playstation Magazine 1995
“One of the greatest platformers games to come out on PC” Joystick 1995
The evil Mr Dark has stolen the Great Protoon and captured the Electoons! Play as Rayman, the legendary limbless hero, free the Electoons, defeat Mr Dark and restore the world’s harmony.

Angry Birds Action! Gameplay IOS / Android

February 22, 2016

Angry Birds Action!

Angry Birds Action! by Rovio Entertainment Ltd (IOS/Android)
Explore the world of Angry Birds like never before in Angry Birds Action! – a fast and furious arcade-style smash-em-up.

Red is in trouble…again! “After a spirited party the night before, Red awakens to find the village has been blown to pieces! What’s more, all fingers are pointed at our feathered friend. Powered only by the birds’ trademark anger, crash your way through the terrain of Bird Island, and collect evidence to prove Red’s innocence!

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