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Undead City Run Gameplay iOS / Android

May 7, 2016

Undead City Run

Undead City Run by Kongregate (iOS/Android)
Fight your way through hordes of undead zombies. Shoot, smash, and plow through zombies with your Murder Van, but watch out, no one makes it out of the city alive. Just when you think you’re dead, you’ll come back as a zombie and get a chance to feed on other unsuspecting victims and friends!
Unlock and upgrade tons of characters and weapons as you climb the leaderboards and fight to survive the Undead City.

War Tortoise Gameplay iOS / Android

May 6, 2016

War Tortoise

War Tortoise by Foursaken Media (iOS/Android)
Take control of the mighty War Tortoise, a heavy tank armed to the teeth with powerful weapons and automated turrets! Equip weapons, recruit units, build defenses, collect resources, and ultimately defend against a huge onslaught of enemy forces. Combining a shooter, idle gaming, and tower defense, War Tortoise is a unique mix of gaming that anyone can enjoy!

Pixel Super Heroes Gameplay iOS / Android

April 27, 2016

Pixel Super Heroes

Pixel Super Heroes by LYTO MOBI (iOS/Android)
Do you ever have a dream to become a Super Heroes like Superman, Ironman or Thor! Now this is your chance to achieve your dream and prove your skill to become the next Super Heroes!
Now the world is threatened by a new enemy and good people are taken as hostage. We must find all the Super Heroes again and save the world. All Heroes will have to run across the city, fight the evil new enemy and free the hostages.

Prime Time Rush Gameplay iOS / Android

April 20, 2016

Prime Time Rush

Prime Time Rush by Invictus Games Ltd. (iOS/Android)
You’re on TV. You’re being chased by the police.
They’ll never stop you. You’ll fight to your last breath.
A voice constatnly repeats in your head: more chaos more money.
So be it…

Camp Pokémon Gameplay iOS / Android

April 20, 2016

Camp Pokémon

Camp Pokémon by The Pokémon Company International (iOS/Android)
Welcome to Camp Pokémon!
Discover the amazing world of Pokémon with the free Camp Pokémon app from The Pokémon Company International! Explore an immersive island filled with fun Pokémon-themed activities that will help you learn what it takes to become a Pokémon Trainer! The camp counselors will be your guides during your time at Camp Pokémon, with plenty of helpful information.

Dragon Blitz Gameplay iOS / Android

April 20, 2016

Dragon Blitz

Dragon Blitz by ZQGame Inc (iOS/Android)
You are hereby summoned by The Council of Magic and Mystics to compete in the Great Dragon Race of Wyvern Welkin. Held during the Ceremony of the Greats, a chosen few are invited to pilot atop the exalted magical dragons in a friendly race against your friends.
Take flight on a fantastic voyage in this endless dragon runner!

Rodeo Stampede (by Yodo1) Gameplay iOS / Android

April 14, 2016

Rodeo Stampede

Rodeo Stampede by Yodo1 Games (iOS/Android)
Leap n’ Lasso your way through the Savannah as you embark on an epic adventure in Rodeo Stampede! Meet and befriend a colorful cast of the whacky beasts to show off to visitors in your sky zoo. Experience the intense rush of the stampede as you hop from animal to animal, avoid crashing into obstacles, and race your way to new high scores. Charge through everything in your path on rampant elephants, sprint past the herd using speedy ostriches, and prey on some dinner with the lions- don’t ride them too long though, or you just may become dessert!

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