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SkyJumper Gameplay (Android)

December 12, 2014

SkyJumper by Nordic Pixel

Discover a unique world and a new way to move around in Sky Jumper. Swing around from hook to hook and explore all the locations of this gorgeous world.
There will be many dangers in your quest to save this extraordinary universe from an evil puppet.
Beware of the bombs, spikes and traps that will be on your path and become the savior this world needs.

Run Sackboy! Run! Gameplay (IOS/Android)

December 9, 2014

Run Sackboy! Run! Gameplay

Run Sackboy! Run! by PlayStation Mobile Inc.

Sackboy, the knitted hero from the multi-award winning LittleBigPlanet™ series on PlayStation® lands into the palm of your hand in this brand new endless platformer!
RUN as fast as you can through an ever-changing handcrafted world
DASH to ESCAPE the GOO and the clutches of the grumpy Negativitron!

Bomberland Gameplay (IOS/Android)

December 4, 2014

Bomberland Gameplay

Bomberland by iFunSoft Studio

Boomberland – Ultimate Game bomb. With gameplay similar to the old time classic Bomberman game, the player’s task is to find ingenious ways to kill zombies name by placing your bombs. In the game appear more items to help players to strengthen the power of the bomb or increase your movement speed, blood, etc .. makes the game more attractive.
Boomberland extreme version of the game with 40 new challenging game screen, vivid images, sounds fun with maps and easy to play exciting, charismatic players first sight. Along thousands of players, you yourself experience the fantastic moments with Boomberland!

Deck Heroes Gameplay (Android)

November 25, 2014

Deck Heroes Gameplay

Deck Heroes by IGG Inc

Build decks with a wild bunch of Heroes and Creatures to save a threatened kingdom. With hundreds of cards to collect, no two decks will ever be the same. Feast your eyes on spectacular, high-quality HD graphics, get lost in thrilling battles, and dive into the majestic world of Deck Heroes! There is no better time to get started than now!

Bomb On Bus Gameplay (Android)

November 19, 2014

Bomb On Bus Gameplay

Bomb On Bus by Over Easy Games

Pop quiz hot shot! There’s a bomb on a bus. If the bus drops below 50, it blows up. If any passengers try and get off, it blows up. So what do you do? Dodge, swerve, and boost your way through bustling city streets in a high-speed race for survival! How long will you last? Because at some point you’ll probably crash. Also that passenger stuff, don’t worry about them. The bus is empty, we made that bit up.

Birdie Blast Gameplay (Android)

November 19, 2014

Birdie Blast Gameplay

Birdie Blast by pixelinvoke

Extract from Pixelinvoke’s lunatic Birdie Blast questionner:
1. A terribly annoying bird is flying on your device’s screen. You’ve got a fleet of weapons at your fingertips. What do you do?
A) Watch a scientific film about the ornithological wonders of planet Earth.
B) Have a cup of coffee.
C) Or tea.
D) Blast the hell out of Birdie!
Naturally, the answer that makes the most sense is D, and you can do what D says in this game for COMPLETELY FREE!

Panda Run Gameplay (Android)

November 17, 2014

Panda Run Gameplay

Panda Run by divmob games

For millions of PANDA JUMP fans around the world – we just can’t thank you enough for your amazing continued support!
From the creators of NINJA REVENGE, ZOMBIE AGE and PANDA JUMP!
Yeah! The CUTE PANDA is back with even more AWESOMENESS!

Thief Lupin 2 Gameplay (IOS/Android)

November 17, 2014

Thief Lupin 2 By BLUE WIND

Thief Lupin, which reached #1 in 22 countries and 8 million downloads, is back with an even more awesome & addictive sequel! Participate in the World Thief Competition and become the greatest thief the planet has ever seen!


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